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Letters from Military Wives

Posted by on October 21, 2011 in For Families

These are some of the heart-felt requests we get to attend our military marriage retreats. It gives you a glimpse into the hardships of being married in the military and the critical need for these retreats.

Hello Hire patriots,

I am writing to you because my husband and I are interested in attending this retreat. we have been married almost 13 years, and have 2 beautiful children from it. My husband is a United States Marine and has been in the Marine Corps for 7 years. We love all that the military life has to offer, yet I will say that in all our years of marriage we have never had to endure so many trials and tribulations than we have while being part of the military. This life takes a toll on many and yet it may be a rewarding experience that one can learn from in so many aspects. I love my husband dearly but we have such busy schedules and at times as many couples seem to go through we have forgotten what first brought us together and has created this home. It all started with two people that fell in love, I would think this would be the perfect opportunity to engage in that reconnection with eachother and not only emotionally but spiritually come together once again.

Hi there!

First of all I would like to say thank you for offering this awesome opportunity for couples! It is very generous and thoughtful and even if we aren’t blessed enough to attend, I would like to offer my gratitude.

My husband and I have been married for just about 4 years. I first met him in sophomore year in high school and from then on I had the biggest crush on him! Finally, in senior year he asked me out. He was my first boyfriend and vice versa! Towards the end of the school year he made the decision to join the Navy as a Corpsman in order to earn the GI bill. As much as I had no desire to be a military wife or live that lifestyle, I supported him. Fast forward 4.5 years and we are now married with 2 kids, one 7 months and one 20 months. Having two babies so close together has been very trying on our marriage due to stress and lack of sleep, as well as just a general lack of bonding time for the two of us. Sometimes I go back and read old emails from him and it reminds me of why I married him. He is truly a thoughtful, caring and selfless man. It’s just hard to remember that through all the cries and constant feeding of babies 😉 I would love to have the opportunity to attend this retreat with him to recapture the feeling of closeness and intimacy that feels as if it is all but lost at times. He and I always talk about how we would love to get some time to ourselves, but it can be a financial burden that we always feel we would regret in the future. Luckily, we have family not too far (Las Vegas) that would be available to watch our babies. This would be the perfect chance for us to have that special time together.

Thank you again and I hope we are chosen!!

Hi Tori,

I saw your post on the Pendleton Underground, although I am from Twentynine Palms. This opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time and I think it is really something that my husband and I could hugely benefit from.

I thought our marriage of 4 years was going perfectly back in March, until I found out my husband had cheated on me. Since then we have tried working through our problems and from a day to day perspective things are back to normal and things are “okay” again. The real problem now is just letting myself to be in love with him again, and romantically & spiritually reconnecting our love. I feel like we love each other but we are not IN love. I can’t speak for him because through all of this he says he has never fallen out of love with me, I feel his past and current actions speak otherwise.

Throughout all of this, my husband has recently been diagnosed with brain injury from his deployment in 2010. It is extremely hard to focus on us when all we can do is worry about his doctors appointments and if he is going to be okay. His injury makes it hard for him to remember things and focus, so I get extremely frustrated having to remind him of things constantly or just trying to get his attention. It defiantly doesn’t help our situation, but we are both trying hard to cope with it and do our best.

I honestly want our marriage to work out, and just to be happily in love like we were. I know its in us, but its gonna take some digging. I think a 3 day trip to the beach, away from home is just what it could take. We need this opportunity to focus on US and not get hung up in everyday life and let the small things in life consume us.

I hope to hear back!

Hi, I am the proud wife of a Ssgt. We been married for 6 years and almost 4 months but we have been together building our family for 11 years. We have 3 boys ages 13, 8 & 7 and 1 adorable 1 year old cat name Pearl. Do to having 3 kids it’s kind of hard to find time for us. All we do it’s as a family and we do enjoy and love it but from time to time alone time is greatly appreciated even do “alone” time for us might be a 2 hour movie in the living room :). Like every other military couple we have had ours up and downs. Trials of courage and commitment not just to each other but to the family. Our loyalty to each other had also been tested not only ones or twice. We been together through 3 deployments and a 3 year recruiting duty in New Jersey which I hated. It put us to the ultimate test. Now we are in the final days before our 4th deployment 🙁 Next week we will start our pre-deployment leave block which like for everyone else it’s a sad time but we know he will be back in a few months 🙂 If we would be one of the chosen ones we would take full advantage of this opportunity. Thank you very much for the opportunity and your time.


I am interested in going to your retreat on marriage. My husband and I have been married for 4 yrs and together 6. we have 4 children. We have had ups and downs as most marriages do. with my husbands last deployment it took a toll on us. We are always striving to keep our marriage better even when we are not getting along. we are open to information and ideas that have worked for others. I think anyone in this life style could use something like this and it seems like it would be a great bonding experience for me and my husband.

Thanks for your consideration!

Hi there,
I saw your listing recently for the upcoming marriage retreat for Nov. 11-13th. My husband is currently working at SOI as an Instructor and for the last year he’s had such a busy schedule to where we’ve only seen him 2-3 days a week. They finally released him into doing “quota” for the next year which means he’s home by 5pm and has weekends off! What a blessing. We just celebrated our 10 year anniversary on the 5th, although we haven’t technically “celebrated” it yet. 😉 This would be a great opportunity for us to find that connection that’s been pushed aside because of busy schedules.

These retreats are made possible by the donations of patriotic citizens and businesses. It takes $6000 to host a retreat. — If you can donate, please do so: http://bit.ly/pG6nMb

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