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Life Insurance- Don’t leave the earth without it!

Posted by on July 19, 2013 in News

I have a good deal of life insurance. I have so much that I tell my friends and family that if my wife changes her address to the Cayman Islands and you haven’t seen me for a while, come looking for me.

In the new release “An American Crisis – Veterans Unemployment” by Mark Baird I have a chapter titled “Do you have a financial plan?” in that chapter we discuss life insurance. Why do I believe in life insurance? I am a volunteer budget coach and have visited with many a widow that was financially devastated because a loved one left them without a safety net. I have also lived it with family members. I have seen families lose homes. 65 year old women getting up at 5:30 AM to wait on tables, young people drop out of college and one widow after 25 years of marriage with a man she deeply loved actually curse his name for leaving her without insurance.

Well you say, “I’m glad I read this upbeat article, it made my day. “I am sorry for being frank with you but for the price of going out for dinner you can pay a term life insurance premium. A good scale is to calculate ten times your annual income. You may need more if you have children with day care expenses or still needing to attend college.  If you are the only income earner and you want your spouse to keep that lifestyle you may need to increase the amount also. Again I suggest “term” insurance, purchasing a 30 year fixed premium or as long as you can get it. At some point you become uninsurable or the insurance becomes unaffordable so check it out today.

In a past blog we have discussed the importance of having a will and now life insurance. What peace of mind you and your family will have after you have both.

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