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Mark Baird: CEO HirePatriots

Posted by on September 18, 2012 in General

Mark Baird
Big Bear City, CA 92314
Home: 760-730-3734 – mark@hirepatriots.com     

Executive Profile

Award winning, innovative Chief Executive with proven abilities to create highly profitable programs through marketing, training, and partner relationships.

The key of my successes has been my ability to communicate effectively via the written and spoken word. As well, as my capacity to comprehend consumers’ wants and needs, and then to produce simple, affordable and desirable solutions.

I am a renowned innovator. During the Iraq and Afghan wars both US Presidents, Bush and Obama, awarded me for stimulating the US economy by providing new answers to providing employment for US veterans.

My clients include Verizon, McDonalds, Toys R Us, the E.O.C. for the state of Oklahoma, and dozens of other businesses across the United States.

I have appeared as an expert in marketing on all of the major News networks. I am frequently a guest on TV and  radio shows, and interviewed by newspapers on a consistent basis. And my blog ranks among the most popular in the world.

Skill Highlights

● Revenue and Market Expansion
● Profit Generation
● Public Relations,
● Leadership/communication skills
● Product line expansion
● Small business development
● New product delivery
● Strategic objective execution
● Client account management
● Process improvement
● Training and Development
● Team building
● Staff motivation
● Sales
● Vision
● Vendor Partnerships
● Event Management and Promotion
● New Business Development
● Problem Resolution
● Branding

Core Accomplishments

Program Management:
●    Expanded small community business into 33 states.
●    Grew company’s Internet presence to top global ranking
●    Brought in Fortune 500 partners
●    Recruited and trained over 100 area representatives
●    Developed multiple, new Revenue streams and Marketing strategies

Public Relations

Developed business model that incorporated businesses, residents and US veterans in a nationwide, synergistic, volunteer effort. As a result of this new strategy the business received:
● Extra Mile Award: Chamber of Commerce
● Congressional Medal of Merit
● ABC TV Leadership Award
● Visionary Award for Creating Economic Development
● Appearances on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, MSNBC, CNN and PBS
● Business contributor for Los Angeles Examiner

Professional Experience

Chief Executive Officer
January 2005 to September 2012
Hire Patriots LLC – Oceanside, CA
Created nationwide business association to stimulate the US economy through the employment of US veterans on a local level in communities across America.

Designed marketing platforms and strategies
Developed new territories
Recruited executives
Trained and managed sales team
Created essential contracts and documents
Forged multiple new business alliances
Grew company into a nationally recognized and respected business


Vanguard University 1980
Costa Mesa, CA, USA
English, Psychology, History, Education
Bachelor of Arts


Hire Patriots I have interviewed Mark Baird on my radio program: Across America on KGAB, He is doing a fabulous service to our veterans. Get to know him.You will not be disappointed!

1st Gary Freeman, Radio Talent, Townsquare Media
was with another company when working with Mark at Hire Patriots

“My main man (“namee” on the street), Sir Mark Baird, is clearly head and shoulders above anyone else in the “Web 2.0” analysis, design, building and development field. His team results are always superlative and put our sites at the head of the pack in any given industry. (multiple out of Isis, Ltd. UK/Can. et N.A.) Further, his Christian support of the US military and veterans is right out of “God’s Good Book,” in my view most probably guided by Paul nee Saul and his Holy writings.
freddy the freeloader. M.D. B. Hills, Cali” May 18, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

1st Freddy Sanson
hired Mark as a Business Consultant in 2001, and hired Mark more than once

“Mark Baird and Hire Patriots have provided critical services to transitioning veterans from coast to coast. It is an unfortunate issue that veterans have such a difficult time embarking on their new missions as civilians, but Mark has done an excellent job at bridging that gap by helping veterans find contract, temporary, and permanent employment. Additionally, Hire Patriots brings value to the community by partnering with businesses and media outlets to highlight the issue of unemployed veterans, awareness of which is vital to the smooth transitions of thousands of veterans in any given neighborhood or city.” February 6, 2012

1st Jacob D. Maenner, Sr., President, Greater Philadelphia Chapter, National Marine Corps Business Network
was with another company when working with Mark at Hire Patriots

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity January 27, 2012

“Mark Baird is a committed patriot who has selflessly offered his talents and expertise to assist America’s military veterans — both in their job search and in their relationship to God and their spouse. Mark is an honest and forthright individual with whom we have had the pleasure to work with on many occasions. Highly recommend!

Carl Savino” December 29, 2011

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

1st Carl Savino
hired Mark as a Military Career Transition in 2010, and hired Mark more than once

“Mark brings to the table a true heart for veterans and I was impressed with his ability to see a problem, think it through and create the magic that he’s created on behalf of veterans.” December 17, 2011

1st Lloyd Calderon, Director, Veteran Business Development, State of New Mexico
was a consultant or contractor to Mark at Hire Patriots

“Mark & Torri Baird are true models of down to earth people who selflessly give of their time and energy “to do what’s right” . They work hard to expand the outreach and effectiveness of the Hire Patriot events and much of their success an be attributed to the example they set for others. Looking at Mark and what he’s done over the past few years inspired me to plan on volunteering time to supporting transitioning Marines and others in the San Diego area when I retire.” December 6, 2011

1st Cris Cristina, Staffing Strategy Analyst, Northrop Grumman
was with another company when working with Mark at Hire Patriots

“The purpose of this letter is to officially and publicly commend Mark Baird for his relentless pursuit of helping veterans; long before it ever became fashionable. A seemingly unremarkable event started Mark and his wonderful wife Tori on a journey, albeit quest to give assistance to military service disabled veterans, veterans alike and their spouses. Mark’s vision was nothing short of awesome; however an entirely uphill battle.

Mark and Tori followed their hearts commitment and GOD’s calling starting their arduous journey bringing help and comfort to many local military veterans, helping each one as they continued on their quest. As in any revelation it takes hard work, which Mark and Tori dove deep ‘head first’ into their new found commitment of helping military veterans and their wives. With little regard for themselves they realized all too quickly the path they chose to take was filled with many obstacles and deterrents; although they were steadfast and nothing deterred them. Sadly the Federal, State and Local governments all have programs which are ‘supposedly’ in place to help service disabled veterans, veterans alike and their spouse; although in reality the vast majority of these are anecdotal and or non-existent. Thus making Mark and Tori’s mission that more difficult and seemingly impossible.

From a very private homespun compassionate act Mark and Tori took the torch and ran long and hard creating HirePatriots, inciting a fever and mission goals throughout the Continental United States. In my humble opinion, the level of gracious support and service which Mark and Tori consistently extend to my brethren service disabled veterans, veterans alike and their spouses is nothing short of phenomenal; denoting Presidential exception. Mark and Tori’s voice have been clearly heard and I am compelled to go on record with my praise.

In an era where assistance is woefully needed for service disabled veterans, veterans alike and their spouses Mark and Tori’s exceptional service and call to arms excellence have created a phoenix.

What remarkably mesmerized me about the gallant level of service provided by Mark and Tori is that there were no additional financial rewards involved. It was simply Mark and Tori’s extraordinary commitment to making a difference to my brethren service disabled veterans, veterans alike and their spouses that motivated them to always go the extra mile.

In closing, I believe that Mark and Tori truly deserve to be congratulated and rewarded for providing brethren service disabled veterans, veterans alike and their spouses more than a glimmer of light, hope, service and support well beyond the expectations of anyone individual and or organization. In the military we ask for little fanfare and or medals; brethren recognition for a ‘Job Well Done’ is enough.

Mark and Tori; JOB WELL DONE!” December 1, 2011

1st James Galligan, President and CEO, Strategic Consulting Alliances, LLC
worked directly with Mark at Hire Patriots

“Mark is one 1st Class guy, One who’s Heart and Mission are 2nd to none!!” December 1, 2011

1st Bob Warren, Creator and Founder, ResumeBear
worked directly with Mark at Hire Patriots

“Mark and Tori Baird, Chairman for Hire Patriots, is one of the most sincere, personable, kind, and motivated individuals I have ever had the honor of knowing. I worked as a consultant for a short time, however, had numerous dealings with him over the past few years, and his love for the military community, as well as his dedication to our service members, is one of the main reasons that Hire Patriots is thriving, and will become a national entity in the coming months. Him and Tori work for next to nothing, sacrificing their time, energy, resources, and money, into the marketing and organizational direction that Hire Patriots will become famous for. Their ability to show organizations that the amount they spend to place their available employment positions, is not only profitable for them, but tantamount to success by hiring our honorable service members.
It is truly a privilege, and honor, to know these people, and their organization, as I am one of these same veterans, recently retired from the US Army, and seeking employment. I know what my fellow Soldiers are going through, and thank God that Mark and Tori are there, for all of us, for all of you. Take the time to view their website, take the time to roll your sleeves and help out our Soldiers, who have given so much, and asked for so little. We are not asking for a handout, only for the opportunity to show an organization that we bring honor, integrity, courage, leadership, discipline, and most of, a sense of pride and determination, never to stop, slow down, or quit. The only question that should be asked is simply this: Can you do the job and when can you start.
Excelsior!!!” November 30, 2011

1st Gabriel Fierro MBA, HR Director/Corporate Trainer/Acquisition Leader, Phoenix Recruiting and Consulting Firm
was with another company when working with Mark at Hire Patriots

“Mark Baird in an incredible mentor with extensive knowledge and experience in marketing and networking for individuals and businesses alike.

His understanding of what it takes to bring a cause to the forefront of the community and leadership in making sure the objectives of the cause are met is refreshingly amazing: He is one of those individuals that make you want to follow his lead and be apart of his organization(s).” November 30, 2011

1st Jeff Harris, Northern California Leader, Hire Patriots
reported to Mark at Hire Patriots

“I would like to share you how much I appreciate Marks tireless efforts in developing this outstanding program Hirepatriots.com. Marks help has vastly simplified my work as a Chaplain working with our veterans. I’m able to refer our veterans to Hirepatriots.com to help find work so they can support themselves and their families.
I owe Mark a real vote of thanks for his unending cooperation and support.
Mark, you also deserve the gratitude of our veterans and our military families that you have served over the years. God’s Grace and Peace be with you.
Looking forward to working with you again soon…

Pax Vobiscum,
Senior Chaplain Dan Regan, United States Chaplain Service” November 30, 2011

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

1st Chaplain Dan Regan
hired Mark as a Director of Charities in 2010

“Mark Baird has done more to help veterans transition and find employment than anybody I’ve ever met. He and his wife Tori have devoted themselves to this cause 24/7 through HirePatriots.com. They were enormously helpful to me during my own transition. Mark is an energetic, insightful, resourceful, and compassionate leader. He accomplishes a difficult mission and his selfless example is inspirational.” November 30, 2011

1st Robert Kilmartin, Colonel, US Marine Corps Reserve
reported to Mark at Hire Patriots

“Working with Mark in supporting his Hire Patriots mission has been a wonderful experience. His dedication and passion to support our Veterans in finding employment is one that commands respect. I am looking forward to continue supporting his mission for many years to come.” November 30, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

1st Evan Guzman – PHR, CVR, CDR
hired Mark as a Recruiter in 2011

“I have been talking with Mark, Toni and the web designer for a couple of months now. Mark has a vision and it’s coming together. This shows leadership, drive and a get it done attitude. I hope to work hand an hand with Mark in the future.
Gary Evans, Marketing Director
Hospital Dream Jobs
800-277-3255” November 29, 2011

Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

1st Gary Evans
hired Mark as a Hospital Jobs for Vets in 2006

“Mark Baird and his wife Tori are the founders of HirePatriots.His Leadership, Innovative and out of the box thinking. Along with the skills of team building, attention to details, coaching, mentoring, organizing. Have made HirePatriots a great value not only in the military communities but have also had a positive affect on local economies. Mark has a way of nurturing peoples talents and skills bringing them up to even higher levels. His and Tori’s Passion for helping people serving in the military, veterans and the families is second to none.They not only help with income but help businesses increase revenues and market share. Their Higher Cause marketing is 5 times more effective. Their vision of HirePatriots being across the country has already occurred with much growth still ahead. They have been recognize by 2 Presidents of the Untied States, and many media and social organizations.They are naturals at Public Relations.
I find myself very fortunate to have become friends and to be associated with them both. Wilford C. Corey” November 29, 2011

1st ☆Wilford Corey☆, Regional Leader, MA HirePatriots.com
reported to Mark at Hire Patriots

“At this time in our history we are at a crossroads of deciding whether or not we will allow veterans to fall through the cracks when it comes to employment or if we are going to engage and do something to stop that from happening. Mark is doing what he can to walk the walk and help our veterans find gainful employment while at the same time recognizing their skills are broad and they have a great deal to offer because of their leadership and military skills beyond pulling the trigger. With corporate sponsors the program to hire patriots will go far and it will take more than talk from the federal government to make it happen. Mark is a committed to veterans and veterans are better for it, but the need for his services will only increase over the next couple of years as the total force numbers fall and the need for veterans to get jobs in the private sector increases.

Veterans are the hardest working people in the country and they will not let a company or individual down. They just need help being put in contact with the folks that are willing to hire them. The transition from the combat arms or signal corps to civilian life is hard, but with help veterans can do it and Mark is one of many that will be there for the long haul.” November 29, 2011

1st Steve Yuhas, Talk Show Host, Clear Channel Communications – KOGO
was with another company when working with Mark at Hire Patriots

“Mark is amazing. I have known him for 5 years as HirePatriots.com became so successful capturing and distributing one day, full time and career jobs to active military, veterans and their families. He is dedicated, articulate, tireless and has heart! He has a wonderful life with his wife and partner, Tori! I urge you to call Mark and discover a new dimension in patriotism!” November 29, 2011

1st Daniel DeMarco, Board Member, Veterans Museum & Memorial Center
worked with Mark at Hire Patriots

“It is a privlege to recommend Mark Baird and Hire Patriots. Mark represents the true meaning of dedication and giving. He lives and breaths Hire Patriots and is focused on helping Veterans and their families. He is a tireless champion of finding Veterans employment that can make a difference in their lives and that of their families. He is one of those rare human beings who would rather give than receive. Therefore, I recommend Mark Baird and hold his efforts and accomplishments in the highest esteem. Thanks to Mark’s efforts, thousands of Veterans have been able to find employment and provide for their families.” November 29, 2011

1st Hershel Jackson, President, Jackson Enterprises
worked directly with Mark at Hire Patriots

“Mark is one of the greatest Patriots I have ever met. His commitment and passion to helping Veterans is truly inspiring. With his help, I have started HirePatriots in Orlando, FL. Mark has helped train me to blog, attain media interviews, and setup the infrastructure for the HirePatriots program in Orlando.

Thanks to Mark, I am now able to help my fellow Veterans find work when they return from Military service. He is an excellent mentor and I look forward to the future success of the HirePatriots program.

John Eynouf
Business Development Executive
Email: jeynouf@cubednow.com
Office: (888) 333-1650 ext 206
Cell: (407) 312-0062
Fax: (321) 275-5059” November 29, 2011

1st John Eynouf, Business Development Executive, CubedNow Inc.
reported to Mark at Hire Patriots

“I’ve known Mark for about 9 months, now, having met on LinkedIn. In that time, I have found him to be a talented and creative innovator and a person of outstanding character. He and Tori work tirelessly for HirePatriots, having made it a powerful force in the cause of bringing security and dignity to our military veterans. Mark was there early in the crusade, employing intelligent solutions that have brought many, many people together to help transition our veterans into meaningful positions in civlian society. As a combination entrepreneur, deal-maker, and philanthropist, Mark is without equal.” November 29, 2011

1st Rich Maurer, President and Co-founder, AquaVenture WaterCrafts
was with another company when working with Mark at Hire Patriots

“Mark Baird is an American Patriot of the old school and trusted business partner. The only thing I know of that exceeds Marks efforts in assisting veterans and their families. Is the love and respect he holds for the veterans, their families, and the sacrifices they make every day for everyone of us.
To this cause you will find some as committed, some as capable, but to find someone who touches so many life’s just when they seem to need it the most; you would be hard pressed to find another like Mark!
Stephen Norred
CEO Vets4Heroes USN Ret” November 29, 2011

1st Stephen Norred, CEO/Owner, Vets4Heroes
was with another company when working with Mark at Hire Patriots

“I recommend Mark and the HirePatriots higher cause marketing system with no reservations. Mark is the rarest of animals, an honest person that cares about and delivers results. Our return on investment with Mark has been outstanding and it’s been a pleasure working with and getting to know him both personally and professionally.” November 29, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

1st Patrick O’Connor
hired Mark as a Business Consultant in 2011

“I met Mark several years ago when he started HirePatriots.com, and have always been impressed with his desire to assist our Nation’s Veterans and transitioning Military Personnel and their Family members acquire gainful employment!” November 29, 2011

1st Scott Langhoff, Senior State Veterans Service Officer, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of California
was with another company when working with Mark at Hire Patriots

“Mark and Tori Beard are both dedicated, caring individules that work

endless hours helping needy veterans find a supplemental income.

They have dedicated so much more than time, they have sold personal

property, lived in almost poverty and carry the Hire Patriots flag every

day without fail. Their vision is clear and they will succeed in helping

every veteran in need.

God Bless

Warren Schroefel” November 29, 2011

1st Warren Schroefel, Vice Chairman & Fundraising Executive- executive-executive-executive-executive-nonprofit-nonprofit, Wyoming Hire Patriots
reported to Mark at Hire Patriots

“I had an opportunity to spend an hour in conversation with Mark and Tori Baird and find these people to be some of the most dedicated patriots I have ever met. Mark is earnest, sincere and incredibly hard working and his wife, Tori, is supportive and obviously respects and supports the same causes as Mark. A passionate Christian, this man has dedicated his life to helping meet the needs of others. He strives for perfection in every task that he takes on; his positive attitude is contagious. Inspiring Alliance looks forward to helping Mark and Tori broaden their services through www.hirepatriots.com to make this a national platform that supports the needs of service members and veterans all across the United States!” April 21, 2009

1st Ruth Wolfe, Founder – President, Inspiring Alliance Military Support Network
was with another company when working with Mark at Patriotic Hearts (501C3)



4 visible recommendations for this position: Edit

“Mark Baird is brilliant and resourceful. He is always helping others especially veterans and their families. Mark is capable of running any corporation as a CEO and yet has the compassion and love for all mankind. I am honored and truly blessed that Mark calls me a friend.” March 22, 2012

1st Ronald P. Matonti, Supportive Case Manager for the Disabled, Suffolk Intensive Case Management
was with another company when working with Mark at Hire Patriots

“Mark is an inspiration who led me to my on line presence. Great team and very easy to work with. Mark & Tori’s work with our veterans is outstanding and tireless. I have watched them develop their network from a local concern to national. They can provide this presence for you. don’t hesitate to get on board!” April 28, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time

1st TC Leary
hired Mark as a Business Consultant in 2010

“My husband, Mark Baird, is the most creative, intellligent, humorous, loving, adorable man on planet Earth! He makes me very happy. Loving me, our family, God and others is the fuel of his life.

Tori Baird” May 25, 2009

1st Tori Baird, Founder/ President, Patriotic Hearts
worked directly with Mark at Hire Patriots

“I highly recommend with enthusiasm mark and hire patriots. I would have also chose if linkedin allowed it expert, good value, on time and creative. Mark’s hire patriots program has helped many marines and sailors obtain good paying same day/part time jobs and now with his marriage enrichment programs to help reduce the amount of separations and divorce due to military service is by far a true showing of mark’s true compassion and dedication to helping our active duty, reserve, guard and military veterans. USE HIM it will only help!” March 28, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

1st Daniel Lozano
hired Mark as a Career Fairs and marriage enrichment in 2005, and hired Mark more than once



3 visible recommendations for this position:, 2 new recommendations for this position: Edit

“Mark and Tori are indeed special people who have given up everything in a selfless act of integrity and compassion to help those men and women who fight for our country. The dictionary doesn’t even have enough kind words written in it yet to express my gratitude for what they offer by creating jobs for Veterans through HirePatriots.com. It was a no brain-er for me to get involved to help out their organization flourish with my coaching expertise and a way for me to give back as a Veteran myself. If you ever have the opportunity to get involved with any cause please let it be HirePatriots.com!” January 9, 2012

1st ★ Jason Turner ★, Entrepreneurial Success Coach, Peak Mindset
was a consultant or contractor to Mark at Hire Patriots

“I have worked with Mark for some time now and he is a solid guy. He has gone the extra mile in our relationship and business interactions. I partnered with him in the cause to help lower veteran unemployment. I am glad to be associated with him as he has passion about the cause. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone. Great Job Mark! Joe” September 1, 2011

1st Joe Ruegsegger, Co-Founder, Squeegee Squad
was with another company when working with Mark at Hire Patriots

“Letter of Recommendation

Mr. Mark Baird is an example of the highest quality. I have worked with Mark for he is the founder / CEO/ Chairman of HirePatriots.com organizations. He is a dedicated and trustworthy individual. He is a loyal supporter on helping fellow active and inactive, Reserve, National Guard and veterans that are jobless and who are looking for employment in the United States of America, and he is famous for the start of a one day job.
I am currently working with him and for the organization as Regional Leader and on the Board of Directors. I am a business Owner/Founder/CEO of Steve & Minnie Deluxe Travel, LLC, have spent over 30 years of military service, founder/ President of Christian Relief Ministry El Paso County Texas. Inc. HirePatriorts.com, in the El Paso/West Texas and New Mexico Region, is what I am responsible for. This is a Non-profit organization that is in the beginning stage in this area.
The integrity Mark exudes is obvious and his determination is evident in all that he does. I highly recommend Mark Baird in anything he attempts to do. Mark is a God’s man and an ordained Minister of the Gospel.
Rev. Steven T. Cheatum Sr. Owner/CEO Steve & Minnie Deluxe Travel, LLC. Founder/CEO/Pastor Christian Relief Ministry El Paso County Texas.Inc. HirePatriorts.com. Regional Leader/Board of Directors.” July 1, 2011

1st Rev. Steven T. Cheatum Sr., D.D., MBA, BSM,, El Paso – New Mexico HirePatriots Regional Leader/Board of Directors, Elpaso-NewMexico. hirepatriots.com
was with another company when working with Mark at Hire Patriots

“Mark will do anything he possibly can to help anyone. His drive and passion for helping the military is so inspiring. His creation of HirePatriots and continued support help not only the military but the communities that hire them. He is phenomenal!” March 30, 2011

1st Jessica Bottrell, Realtor Affiliate, Homes For Heroes
worked directly with Mark at Hire Patriots

“Above and beyond the call of duty. Mark has embodied what it is to practice the 8th habit through his Veteran programs and has touched the lives of thousands with his efforts with www.HirePatriots.com
A True Patriot that gives with asking nothing in return.” April 28, 2009

1st Daryl Hill, Home Town Link Captain Reserve, US Marines/Marine For Life
was with another company when working with Mark at Hire Patriots



2 visible recommendations for this position: Edit

“Mark is a well respected person with high integrity and honesty that goes far and beyond the call of duty. It is a pleasure knowing him and what he stands for. I highly recommend Mark on any task he is provided. “Semper Fi” and GOD Bless” September 14, 2012

Top qualities: Good Value, High Integrity, Creative

1st Jesse Almanza
hired Mark as a Career Coach in 2009

“Mark is a passionate patriot who is dedicated to helping transitioning troops and sailors complete their lives with jobs, education, business opportunities and resources. Mark is a courageous entrepreneur. He’s creative, hard-working, articulate to all, and well-known by national media for his diverse achievements, particularly supporting our military. Local communities will tell you that Mark is, however, generous to a fault. He’s now a great friend with whom I will have an enjoyable future. He has my support and deserves yours.” July 12, 2009

1st Daniel DeMarco, Marketing Director, HirePatriots.com
reported to Mark at HirePatriots.com


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Hello, I'm Mark Baird and I founded Hire Patriots. My wife and I are 'helpers.' We are concerned about meeting the practical needs of our US veterans and their families. We began a job board for local residents to post chores that they need help with. It has been very successful. Thousands of local US Military and veterans partially or entirely support themselves from our website. We are looking for others near US Military bases who would also like to have a HirePatriots.com website for their location. Find more information about our military programs at PatrioticHearts.org. And please make a contribution of any kind. Thank you.

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