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My Book is Now Free

Posted by on July 12, 2014 in News

When I wrote “The Unemployment Budget – Your Financial Survival Plan” I hoped to reach and help a million people or about 10% of the unemployed in America.  Since I have been unemployed several times I eventually learned how to survive and I knew this little book could keep some Americans from going broke while they searched for their next job.

After the endorsement by Brian Tracy, the author of “The Power of Self-Confidence”, the book received more attention and I had the pleasure of doing several radio shows and print articles to promote the book but you can only do so many. One highlight was when a host said “I think people who live on a budget are either weird or had a financial crisis in their life –  which one are you?  I said “Well depending on whom you talk to most people would say both.”

I loved reaching out over the air-waves but  I now realize that if my true goal is to help a million people I would have to give the book away for free. FREE has a way of spreading the word faster than regular media. FREE on social media is like lightning and I am thrilled to pay it forward.

The three major topics of the book are:

-The “Percentage Guideline Chart” – In a perfect world what % of your take home income should you be spending on a home, car, debt and so on. Wouldn’t it have been nice to have that when you were 20!

– Pages of powerful referral services that are free to you and will help you move forward quickly.

“The Crisis Budget” for when you need help today!  A one page basic budget you can do today to help you make some informed decisions to survive sudden unemployment or income loss.

My sincere hope is that a million of you will read this FREE resource and never have financial fear again. Unlike other free downloads you will not be asked for any contact information. This is a free PDF. Just follow this link to my volunteer web page for Hire Patriots and click on the book cover. If you find that this book is a help to you let’s “pay it forward” together – use the social networking buttons on this page and send this to your social media friends. You may not need the book right now but with millions out of work a friend might. http://hirepatriots.com/heroes 

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