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My Passion Translates Into Jobs For Veterans

Posted by on May 6, 2014 in News


Preacher in the pewMy passion throughout life has been to help other people be successful.  I love creating contexts and experiences that address the needs and environments in their lives.  As I continue to be true to my passion, I have partnered with Hire Patriots to help create jobs and opportunities for U.S. military veterans in San Angelo, Texas and the Concho Valley.


Hire Patriots’ One Day job board opportunities for U.S. has helped more than 500,000 veterans connect with ordinary citizens who need someone to help them mow a yard and weed a flower bed, paint a room, clean out a garage, clean up an open field overgrown with weeds, clean, sand and paint weathered outdoor furniture or any other type of job around the office or home that takes between 5 to 8 hours to finish – these are Hire Patriots One Day jobs.

I know there are hundreds of veterans in San Angelo and the Concho Valley who would appreciate and, some desperately need, that little extra money each month to help pay bills, buy groceries or pay for prescriptions.  We have unemployed and homeless veterans across the Concho Valley that, I believe, need and deserve our help.  They have bravely and willingly served in our Armed Forces and returned home only to find there are no jobs waiting for them.

Let me ask you something.  Have you every thought about how the skills and experience of an infantryman who excelled on the battlefield are transferable to the civilian marketplace?  Good question, huh?


Please join me in helping our returning heroes and older veterans by going to my website at http://hirepatriots.com/heiserhouse and posting a job a veteran could do around your home or office.  What the job is and how much you will pay them is up to you and the veteran who responds to you One Day job post.

Thank you and God bless you,

Rev. Scott Heiser

(325) 340-5309




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