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No More ‘Taps’ to be Played: Says DOD

Posted by on August 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

My friends in New York State wrote me this very disturbing letter. If true, we must take action. The playing of Taps at military funerals is a time honored tradition. If the Dept. of  Defense says that they can spend billions on arms procurement; but, that they do not have the funds to continue honoring the soldiers that die using those weapons, then we need to sweep to DOD clean from such idiots and replace them all.

Friends, Patriots, Americans: 

Taps is a long honored Tradition and a highly touching part of every ceremony for every Service man or woman who has ever given their Life for Our Country or Served under Our Flag.

Recent Dept. of Defense budget cuts are now affecting these Full Military Honors, deeming Our Bugler not required, the DOD’s answer, a tape machine – UNACCEPTABLE!

 Just this weekend WO-3 Lou DiLeo was with us for a Ceremony to lay 5 Veterans to rest among their Brothers & Sisters. After a very touching ceremony concluded, I asked for everyone’s attention to explain this to the gathered families, guests & public. The look on the attendees face was a mixture of horror & confusion at how this could even be considered.

 WO3, Lou DiLeo US Army, is a DOD employee, who had performed Taps just about 7200 times at ceremonies at Calverton National Cemetery & Long Island National Cemetery in Farmingdale. I am pleading with you to please contact your Local Federal Representatives; we need to reverse this now.

As of right now WO-3 DiLeo’s last day is the 30th of September 2012, this does not give us much time.

POST SCRIPT: This sounds incredible! — Yet, this organization is obviously sincere. Maybe it is just local. — But apparently, the D.O.D. will no longer fund even the playing of a recorded TAPS. — Any additional validation to the veracity of this would be appreciated. — You just never know nowadays!

Mark Baird


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