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Our Greatest Generation

Posted by on August 22, 2013 in News

I always admired the men and women that served our country in the military. I was also brought up to respect the person and uniform of our heroes that serve protecting our communities. My father served in the Korean War as did my uncles. My brother-in-law and son-in-law served in the Marines. My son is currently with Homeland Security.  Personally I never served and somehow felt a void and always the need to do what I can to give back to these that served us so well.

An opportunity came when I wrote a budgeting book titled “The Unemployment Budget – Your Financial Survival Plan”. On page 26 I reached out to vets asking them to contact me with their special needs when it comes to budgeting and what resources they found that helped them. I stated that I wanted to write a free book for vets to help them through unemployment and provide the very best in resources to assist their families. Unfortunately I did not get the information back and now I know why, there was a better way.

I had all but given up on the idea when Mark Baird from Hire Patriots and I connected. I told him what I was trying to accomplish and he said he was already putting together such a book but with many more topics that will help any veteran get back to work. He asked me if I would donate a chapter on budgeting and finance, I was thrilled. Out of the over 20 contributing authors I was the only one that was non-military, what an honor to be in the same book as these who served so bravely and witnessed things I will never have to because they fought for my way of life.

When the finished book titled: “An American Crisis – Veterans’ Unemployment” arrived at my door I read it in a day. There are great chapters on transition, job seeking, being an entrepreneur, and so much more. It is a must read for every veteran and those who care about them. I read Mark and Tori Baird’s story and how they have devoted their lives to helping vets; I was so impressed I had to do more.

HirePatriots.com has a new job board with over 36,000 jobs posted plus a one day job board. Employers love to have a place to reach vets looking for work. Vets don’t whine, they show up on time, have great skills and an amazing work ethic. Anytime I ever worked with a vet personally they always became the “go to” person.  There is also a unique “one day job board” what genius this is. Imagine a place where a vet can go to help a homeowner move, clean the yard, anything and be able to supplement their income to make ends meet. This was just featured on NBC Nightly News. The issue here in New York where I live is that other than our partner Verizon and a few others no one knows this job board exists. Don’t stop reading here because you don’t live in New York because there are still companies and vets in your community that don’t know either. HirePatriots.com receives 10,000 hits a week but with the new updated job board that will double.   The next thing I knew I was the New York Ambassador for Hire Patriots with the job of informing employers of the great value proposition we have for them. I also need to inform vets and active military that the board is a great free resource for them.

I am just one person and it would take years to reach the employers and vets in New York. Thankfully in these days of social media there are people like you who care and can pass this on to your social world. To any employers reading this anywhere in the USA, this is our greatest generation. These veterans and the massive amounts of returning military are among the finest this generation has to offer. Please go towww.hirepatriots.com/heroes and place your job openings today. Pass this along to your social media connections. You may never know it but you could be personally responsible for many vets finding work and being able to serve their own family like they so bravely served yours and mine. Thank you for your consideration.


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