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Premiere Services and its Operation Safe Road Initiative Installs Mobile Eye Collision Avoidance in 2014 Ford Transits

Posted by on September 24, 2014 in For Businesses

Collision avoidance is the new frontier in vehicle safety, empowering drivers with intelligent tools for preventing collisions from happening. If drivers can successfully avoid collisions, then the seatbelts and airbags we’ve come to rely on become secondary prevention measures. No question, they remain essential equipment, but there’s just no substitute for a safety tool that helps you avoid the accident. That’s the beauty of Mobileye collision avoidance technology. By seeing and recognizing other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists on the road, even lane markings and traffic signs, the Mobileye system literally “thinks ahead” and warns drivers of potential hazards before they have a chance to occur. Audio and visual alerts warn drivers of forward collisions, exceeding the speed limit, lane veering, headway monitoring and.


Mobileye’s artificial vision-based collision avoidance system assists both seasoned drivers and new drivers to keep an “extra eye” on the road. Millions of drivers worldwide utilize this life-saving technology. Now it is available aftermarket and can be installed in most vehicles. That’s the kind of solution that saves lives.  Operation Safe Road…improving road  safety one vehicle at a time.   Join us! 800.479.9945


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