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Revolution: Free College Education

Posted by on December 29, 2011 in Interesting
A Major Revelution: Free College Education for All

Great news for American citizens who want a college education: The injustice and absurdity of the rising costs of post-secondary education is no longer an obstacle. In fact, the ridiculous price of obtaining a higher education may have put those obsolete institutions out of business.

Imagine a totally free college education regardless of your academic performance or background. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) will announce on Monday that they intend to launch an online learning initiative called M.I.T.x, which will offer the online teaching of M.I.T. courses free of charge to anyone in the world.

It is certain that a deluge of comparable accredited online courses and degrees will follow, free of charge. – O’ Joyous day! This is an incredible and seismic shift in worldwide education.

As an educator of 40+ years, I have always encountered students who had different and unconventional minds that are not fit into the structure of our public education. Every teacher in the world knows this.

The confines of our public school syllabi and tests are not an accurate measurement of potential, possibility, nor a determiner of intelligence.

Students and faculty will be able to control their classes based on their interests. This way, a personalized education setting is provided for the student to set their own, personal goals.

M.I.T.x represents the next logical evolution in the mushrooming business of free online education by giving students an interactive experience as opposed to a simple videotaped lecture.

Another educational innovator, Academic Earth, already offer free education from major universities via online videos; however, no degree is awarded. But courses from prestigious universities such as Stanford and Princeton are accessible and free to anyone in the world. – anyone can learn from the brightest minds from the best universities in the world. You just cannot put your learning on your resume as an earned degree.

A new degree status is now being created online that will allow access to millions that were denied since creation. There will still be the degree for those students that physically attended classes. That degree will still be the most valued, for awhile. But in a short time, employers will learn to appreciate and respect those who tailor their education to become better qualified to meet corporation’s hiring needs.

According to the New York Times, in order to prevent confusion, the certificate will be a credential bearing the distinct name of a new not-for-profit body that will be created within M.I.T.
Unfortunately, this incredible revolution in education, which will certainly foster many more, will not be available in a meaningful way until 2013, when a variety of course will be accessible from a variety of contributing universities across the globe.

Suddenly, the expensive online for-profits colleges like DeVry and Phoenix will be hard hit. Thy will need to immediately restructure their business model to survive in the next few years. – And this is not good news for those that received degrees from such online schools. – A degree from a defunct university is not of competitive value.

But for every child and adult on this planet a very great and momumental thing has just happened. M.I.T. will go down in history first for this, not for their monumental scientific achievements.

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