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Seeking Professionals interested in the Government deregulation of energy and how it can benefit them financially.

Posted by on September 24, 2014 in Biz Ops

In a moment of wisdom our Government voted to help consumers by deregulating gas and electricity.  This is happening right now state by state. The Government has done this before with Ma Bell, planes and trains. Consumers and business now have the power to choose their energy supplier.  It’s a shame some of these providers operate unprofessionaly and have a history of calling you just as you sit down to dinner or fill your mail box with junk mail.

Why are so many busy professionals interested in starting their own business with Ambit Energy?  Some say it is the proven integrity of the business but others say:

Purple Heart Recipient Joseph Derby states: “The ability to create a residual income that is will-able and transferable to generations of my family is a perfect solution to my financial concerns.” (Contact Patrick Mellody for any of these full stories)

CEO of Home Interiors Joey Carter – Joey’s grandmother Mary, was the founder of Home Interiors & Gifts. Joey was the third generation of his family to serve as CEO of Home Interiors. Not only that, the Carter’s are among the original investors in Ambit Energy when the company was started in 2006. “Gas and electricity are the perfect products, everyone uses them.” Plus, you can’t buy them cheaper at Wal-Mart or Costco.”

World renowned Cardiologist David Yardley: “I saw the opportunity was truly unlimited and would allow us to retire with a stable income, earlier than previously anticipated.” In a phone conversation David mentioned that he started very part time since he was working from 5:00 AM to 8:00 PM. He knew the US Government highly regulated utilities even to the extent they regulated his hospital and he was proud to be associated with Ambit Energy and the people associated with it.

Author Patrick J. Mellody:  “I was already busy with business and volunteer work but when I saw the business model it only made sense to help others.”  “I recalled hearing that Ambit Energy received the J.D. Powers Award and the INC. Magazine article about being the #1 fastest growing privately held company in America but I had no idea I could partner with them and serve the community.”

Patrick is committed to personally speak with any veteran or professional that desires to explore Ambit Energy as a possible secondary income stream.  To make the process confidential and professional you may either click on the Professionals for Ambit Energy logo on the right or click on the following link. A  5 minute corporate overview will load and play automatically. If you desire additional information there is a secure area to request it or phone Patrick or email him directly.  The video includes some news clips interviewing Bill Gates and others regarding the ongoing government deregulation of energy titled “The Modern Day Energy Gold Rush.” http://patriots.energygoldrush.com

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