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Song for A Mom with Dementia

Posted by on January 2, 2013 in For Families

This is a beautiful song sung by a friend I knew in high school, Robert Frost. — His father, an Air Force Colonel, and his mother “Marny,” became close friends of ours. But age caught up with them, like it has for many of our aging parents. His father died from a stroke. And now his wonderful, intelligent,  beautiful mother has developed Dementia. — Bob has been caring for her for several years. This has required for him to put his life on hold, because of the constant care required of him. But he has patiently and lovingly persevered.

Here is the song Robert wrote that will bring tears to your eyes, especially of you have gone through this experience yourself. — It made me and my wife cry! We took care of her mother for several years until she passed away from Alzheimers.

I’ll Be There For You –

I’ll be there for you like you were for me.
Though winter nights be long and chilly,
You won’t be lonely.
I’ll be there for you when you’re old and need
Someone to care and family too,
I’ll be there for you.

My life as your child was such a joy.
You loved and raised so well this boy.
I always could depend on you to tuck me in.
At nap-time you read to me too.

Your love constant as sunshine it was.
It shines out from my heart, yes now it does.
When fears put me in a spin into your harbor I sail in.
The best refuge for me I find in you. I’ll be there for you.

(Chorus:1st stanza)

The kids grew up and flew as children do.
Then shock of sudden death took Papa too.
I stayed on for awhile, sold the house and helped you smile,
Moved you on five hundred miles too.

Now that you’re getting old and slowing down,
I’m finding that I want to be around.
Now it is my turn to give. I don’t know how we will live but
There will be no old folks’ home for you,
‘cause I’ll be there for you.
I’ll be there for you.

(Chorus:1st stanza)

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