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Step Outside the Box, Become an Entrepreneur

Posted by on December 11, 2013 in Jobs For Veterans

Most of us think of a box as something we put stuff into…a container, if you will.  Another way to look at it is an object that has sides, a top, a bottom which holds that item or items in it.  Sometimes our identity, or our make-up puts us in the position to get categorized by society.  Who we are & what we do in habit and in our lifestyles makes us “who is in that box”.  It’s okay, if success, happiness, wealth, notoriety and good things come from that. On the other hand, it’s not good, if were stuck, broke, frustrated, down-and-out and moving to a feeling of helplessness because of that placement or perception.


The proverbial “box” can be either a launching pad to escape from or a casket of broken dreams, failed potential, lost relationships plummeting us into a dark hole.


To act and to think “out” of the box calls on all of us to have courage, enthusiasm, energy, and a “why-not-me” attitude.  See, it’s this challenge that for many of us, either currently in the military or veterans who have gotten out, that allows us to seek “opportunity” employment.  Specifically, a career, a venture of aligning ourselves with people who aggressively seize the opportunities around them and convert those moments to income and personal prosperity.  So if others can do it, why shouldn’t we? In this marketplace, in these times, the opportunities abound for those of us who aggressively seek them.


Many have taken orders most of our lives.  The very idea of becoming our own boss, CEO of our future often doesn’t seem truly possible.  Yet, it’s still out there for those who truly wish to improve their lives, earn a great income, provide a valuable service, yet all under your own efforts.  We are talking about entrepreneurship.


Being an entrepreneur is “managed freedom”.  Absolutely living, working, becoming, fulfilling your life in a noble business outside of the box that society has very quietly and smoothly placed your destiny into.  Instead of being told when to report in, what to do, how to do it, and why, being your own boss, in your business is a phenomenal way to achieve personal growth, attainment of wealth, and confidence only dreamed about by those who have yet to try it.


Never before have so many people since the Great Depression been placed on the sidelines as society’s “invisible souls” scrapping away trying to cobble up a few dollars to survive another week.  They suffer, their families lose out, dreams fade away, and unfortunately they find themselves back in the box.


If you’re tired of not being all you can be, you really need to start re-thinking your options.


Are you healthy?


Can you work hard?


Are you ready for something, anything new?


Will you commit?


Have you really realized that current choices are NOT providing you a secure, productive future?


When you come into this reality, don’t get down!  Instead, realize that opportunity to become something significant for yourself, for your future is knocking at the door.  Indeed, entrepreneurism is a great way to IMMEDIATELY break out of the box and into prosperity.  It all begins with the actions from the choices you begin to make.  Why not you?  Why not now?  Why not? It sure beats living in the box.  It’s time to start creating your prosperity through the opportunity life gives you.  Go for it!


I’m looking out for you!


Jim Chilton


Your Financial Coach




Jim Chilton is owner, CEO of Financial Coach Enterprises, A nationwide sales and marketing company working and hiring military serviceman.  For more info go to www.financialcoachenterprises.com.

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