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Strange Pre-Teen Kid

Posted by on June 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

This is part 2 of a continuing story of the particular path I took to get here:

There is at least one, small advantage to getting old: You gain perspective. – And this I know: God created each of us as a distinct and unique person. To some people we will seem weird. But most of us will find a compatible spouse and perhaps a few friends, children and in-laws who enjoy our company. If we are very fortunate, we will also enjoy theirs.’

Now, when we are small children we do not have developed personalities. Instead, we have impulses. – Between the ages of 4 and 6, Kindergarten and 1stgrades, I was in the Y-Indian Guides and the Cub Scouts and hard ball Little League. (There was no T-ball or sponge ball back then. — 99.99% of all American boys played real baseball as soon as their bodies were able.)

For some intrinsic reason, built within my nature, at these meetings, usually before they even officially started, when the boys would congregate and wonder what to do to pass time, I would always suggest boxing. (I understand now; but, at the time, this seemed like a reasonable and enjoyable alternative to just standing around.)

Everytime, there would be a bigger boy that would take offense and bristle, like a dog whose back-hair stands on-end just before attacking. — This was 57 years ago, but I can still feel the impulse that created my reaction: I would suddenly strike the boy in the nose. Almost invariably, this would make blood flow down the boy’s chin. – And I was small.  In fact, as everyone discovered later, I was a hemophiliac, a ‘bleeder.’ – My only explanation is that I was created to be AGGRESSIVE.

But later, as almost every boy got bigger and I stayed small, I turned away from fighting and excelled at running instead. – Fortunately, God gave me wings on my feet and endurance that lasted all day. — In my brief stint in high school, I made Captain of the Cross Country team as a sophomore. (Afterwards and older, I turned to marathons and 50 mile races.  I competed with world athletes. – Ryan, Prefontaine, Wottle, Toomey. We worked-out together in Laguna and Santa Barbara before the Munich Olympics. )

I was created to TRY HARD. I am INTENSE. People call me PASSIONATE. And since those early years, in every sport, I was always called “ANIMAL!” (Not always in a complimentary way.) – I am very COMPETITIVE. Hence, whenever I feel challenged or threatened, my immediate impulse is to go into full OVERDRIVE.  In other words: TRY HARDER!

These instilled instincts, at my birth and in my youth, did not win me friends. But they did lead me into many extraordinary adventures. All of them were thrilling and often amazing. Yet thinking back, too many were reckless and life-threatening and dangerous too.

I worked at many jobs; but, I knew that I was not made to be an ‘employee.’ – Being a part of a team had never been my strong suit. In sports, I always played the odd man out. – For instance, in soccer (my favorite athletic experience of all), I excelled at Goalie. That is a very individualistic position, much like the pitcher in baseball. – So I think that I became an entrepreneur naturally.  I started businesses in order to make a living and to survive.

* I am writing this for others who identify with being a similar created being. — You are probably what others label as “Type A’ personality. You are driven to always do your best. You must excel. — This is my story.

** Look forward to my next installment, next week. I’ve just gotten started,

Mark Baird

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