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The Magic of Pain, Disappointment and Disillusionment

Posted by on December 28, 2012 in News

Here is the Magic: When we look at the invisible as well as the magnificently huge objects of creation, scientists always see structure and purpose. Everything fits! Anything we look at has a purpose and makes it possible for everything else to exist. Without one part, there are no parts.  So all of us are important!

Did you ever have a dream or a passion that never came to be? Did something dramatic or unexpected happen that changed your life’s course? Or did Life just happen and turn out not at all like what you had planned? Welcome to the club!

I was reminded of my own regrets today when I read about Matt Leinart, a pro quarterback. —  Less than a decade ago, he led my life-time favorite college football  team to the most success they had ever had in their storied history. Matt Leinart destroyed every USC quarterback record and won two National Championships.

Vicariously, I adored him. He was our school’s greatest hero. And as such, I wished him the very best success in his professional career. — Unfortunately, like so many exceptional athletes in college, destiny was not kind to him. And today, Matt was demoted from ‘backup’ to 3rd string. He is nearly 30. — Matt Leinart’s pro career is over.

The depression he must feel right now. The dreams he had, the repeated comebacks he attempted, and the ill-timed injuries and disillusionment he experienced must be a terrible weight on him. .– He had the talent and the ability. Everything he had worked so hard for was finally there for the taking. He could be one of the greatest ever!– But  his fate took an unexpected path.

Ever had that happen to you? —  Most of us do in someway or another, but less public.

I had an extraordinary ability to run fast for great distances. Fifty miles non-stop, was no problem. — I trained with US Olympics runners and medalists while still in high school. Stanford University inquired if I was interested in obtaining a scholarship. I was a small town hero. — Then I took a trip to a H.S. Christian camp and fell off a cliff and shattered my hip. — Years later, I tried an athletic comeback as a soccer goalie. I played in some unforgettable games with some of the sport’s very best. And I got paid some. But I never made it into the big leagues.

My first son, Saxon, knows what I am talking about.  He was gifted with amazing baseball abilities. We would go to  parks when he was 3 and I would hit dozens of towering fly balls to him. Saxon would catch everyone, with aplomb and ease. Huge crowds would appear and exclaim with applause and glee.  — Saxon had such style and savior faire!

But for all of the tremendous promise of his youth, Saxon never grew to any height nor bulk. And his high school career was interrupted with an unfortunate move in his critical Junior year. — Like so many, despite our natural gifts and abilities, he never achieved the fruition of his athletic aspirations and dreams. — But Saxon has still been inspired by baseball. He writes a blog about it and gets published on national media. And baseball has never ended to be a bond between me and my son.

And as for my running: Today and for the last 30 years, I have been crippled from athletic injuries.  I am 62 and experience chronic, severe arthritis because of my youthful pursuits. But I have never regretted any of them! From the first time I played ‘catch,’ to the glorious last soccer game I played, every minute of every game was and is still valuable to me. — Long-live Sport!

Mark Baird


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