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The New Hire Patriots Blog

Posted by on March 19, 2012 in General

I’d like to take a moment to cover some of the new blogging features on the updated HirePatriots website. We switched from WordPress to a new system, and I’m fairly certain once you are able to see it in action you’ll agree with me that it’s a truly amazing system. With all new systems comes a little learning (and some rework), so I felt it would be a good idea to cover some of the basics in a new article. This isn’t a technical “How To” but rather a high level feature overview.


This is so cool it’s almost unfair to other blogging platforms! When you post or edit a blog, you’ll be presented with an editor that looks just like the one in the picture (right). On the white bar, are three special buttons: (1) The Link button allows you to insert direct links to other blogs you’ve written at HirePatriots; (2) The Media Manager button opens a “smart popup window” that open and closes as you hover over it and allows you to manage your image library, and; (3) The Video button allows you to directly link videos into your blog. The rest of the buttons in the editor are fairly standard for WYSIWYG editors.

The feature I love the best is the Media Manager. I can organize my pictures into folders, upload multiple pictures into a folder all at once, and even insert galleries into the blog! The “smart popup window” stays open while I’m editing my article so I can easily access the images.


Blogs can get lengthy. This one is several “pages” long, depending on the size of the viewer’s screen. If you publish all your blogs in their “full” format, your readers will have to do a lot of scrolling just to find the article they’re interested in. This is easily solvable by adding a READMORE tag after your introduction paragraph (see right image). The READMORE will insert a red dashed line between the paragraphs that is only viewable to you while you’re editing the blog. What the reader will get, however, is a nice short introduction to your article with a “Read More” button that takes them to the full page

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