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The Plan to End US Veteran Unemployment

Posted by on August 17, 2012 in Jobs For Veterans

PATRIOTIC HEARTS: 501c3 EIN: 20-8599179
Recipient of Congressional Medal of Merit

HirePatriots’ Nationwide Employment Safety Net for US Veterans Crusade
Definition of the issue that HirePatriots is designed to address: Young male veterans (those ages 18 to 24) who served during the last decade had an unemployment rate of 29.1 percent in 2011. In 2011, 21.6 million men and women in the civilian non-institutional population ages18 and over were US veterans. Nearly half of all these US veterans report that they do not earn enough income to support themselves, their families, and to pay essential bills. This is a national tragedy and disgrace.

Being either unemployed or under-employed is the major crisis facing our transitioning veterans. It is taking too long to find a job that can pay the bills. This is comparable to the crisis faced by veterans after the Vietnam War. And we are now seeing similar statistics in suicides, substance abuse, broken families, violence, jail, and homelessness.

We have an unmet National obligation. Americans sent our troops off to two wars with parades and bumper stickers declaring “We Support Our Troops!” But our job is not yet done. It will be finished when these volunteer veterans have fully reintegrated into civilian society, and become sustainably employed.

There needs to be an “employment safety net” for US veterans in every state and community. There needs to be a job board where local citizens can continue to assist and support our veterans. Until US businesses can provide enough jobs for our veterans and their spouses, American residents must stand in the gap. Citizens in every state should be hiring US veterans whenever they need an extra hand with chores around their property and homes.

Americans with military training and experience are motivated, hard-working, honorable men and women. It is vital to their psychological and emotional well-being that they work and provide for their needs and their families. This is critically important for combat veterans. They should all be able to work and to maintain their dignity.

A nationwide employment safety net must be provided and marketed effectively, so that in every US community, our veterans can find work each day. – The HirePatriots ‘Day Jobs’ is a critical source of extra income for America’s military and under-employed veterans. There are new Day jobs, Temporary jobs, Seasonal jobs, and Full-time jobs posted on HirePatriots.com continuously.

HirePatriots’ goals, its major components, and how it plans to address the unmet need:HirePatriots.com — The goal of HirePatriots is to establish a nationwide employment safety net for US veterans and their spouses. Every US community should have a HirePatriots job board of their own to employ their local active duty, Guard, reserves, veterans and their spouses.

This is a proven program that has been employing tens of thousands of veterans every year, since 2005. It all began when a Marine from Camp Pendleton knocked on our founders’ door. He had just returned from a tour in Iraq and discovered that his wife had been laid off during his deployment. Their car was repossessed, and now the utilities were going to be turned off. They had two small children. He needed to earn extra income immediately!

The Marine did some work around their home and our founders were delighted to pay him handsomely. Then they built HirePatriots.com for other residents to post jobs for Marines too, if they needed help around their homes or property. Within months, that website was receiving 10,000 visitors a week! It was helping local veterans, residents and businesses. And HirePatriots received the Visionary Award for Creating Economic Opportunity from the businesses in San Diego.

But the popularity and effectiveness of HirePatriots’ employment program did not occur spontaneously. Certain steps were required to make it a success. Our founders spoke at clubs, chambers and meetings; and, they passed out fliers and garnered volunteers to spread the word. They spoke on every local TV News station, were guests on radio Talk shows, wrote letters to newspaper editors and got published on their front pages. – Initiating the program and getting jobs posted took several weeks of effort. And only then did our founders begin notifying the local Marines and sailors en masse. — The first step was to get local jobs posted. The second step was to let the local veterans know about the jobs available on HirePatriots.com. Since then, HirePatriots Camp Pendleton job board has self-perpetuated and run by word of mouth for 7 years: Helping veterans, their spouses and families, local residents, Senior citizens and businesses.

Then, as the sailors and Marines in San Diego were stationed elsewhere in the U.S., they would contact us and say they needed to earn extra money and asked how to find the local HirePatriots .com job board. But the jobs were only being posted by San Diego residents and businesses. No one else knew about the HirePatriots program except in San Diego. So the need to find a way to expand the knowledge about HirePatriots.com to companies and residents across America became a necessity.

Our paramount goal now is to replicate what HirePatriots achieved in San Diego all across America: In every U.S. state, military base, armory, station; and into every metro area of our country. — Our goal is to create a nationwide employment safety for every US veteran in our nation. It can and must be done.

To achieve this end, we have developed a comprehensive strategy:  Cause Marketing – HirePatriots has developed a synergistic marketing relationship with over 100 businesses, in 35 states. Most of these businesses are SDVOBs (Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business). Some of them are small, patriotic Mom& Pops. And a few are huge, multinational businesses, like Verizon.

Our strategy creates an R.O. I. (Return on Investment) for our business ‘members.’ In return for being the representative and spokesperson for HirePatriots in their area, we provide them a customized HirePatriots website and job board. Then we provide them our Steps to Success, which outlines the steps we took in San Diego to get HirePatriots started and to become a popular sensation. This involves getting our members free TV, radio and press exposure. And we connect them with millions on the social networks. – They are able to reduce their recruiting costs, increase their marketing effectiveness, dramatically enhance their public image, and help thousands US veterans at the same time!

Because some veterans choose to be entrepreneurs, HirePatriots’ cause marketing strategy helps us to assist them in developing their businesses too. So we help US veterans seeking jobs, and those that create businesses.

Nationwide Trip — HirePatriots has the website, the job board, and representatives in nearly every state, and the proven strategy to help hundreds of thousands of veterans and their spouses every year. But one more thing has proven to be necessary. Our founders, Mark and Tori Baird, need to travel across the country and assist the veterans and businesses that have joined HirePatriots in getting the program started.

We have tried for several years to create HirePatriots via email and phone. And we have learned that our founders need to be present for it to be developed successfully. Our members are business owners, and as such, need to focus on the development and success of their enterprises. They are not able to do all of the foundational work that is necessary to get the HirePatriots.com program fully functioning in their areas.

HirePatriots needs to purchase an RV with which our founders can traverse the USA and truly create a nationwide safety net for US veterans. The vehicle should be ‘wrapped” with HirePatriots posters. And it should function as a traveling office, as well as living facility. Gas, maintenance and expenses for the trip are also needed, as well as a sufficient supply of posters, fliers and marketing materials.

HirePatriots has appeared on major News stations, Talk radio shows, and has been the featured story in newspapers, all across America. Wherever our founders go with HirePatriots, it becomes a media event. Having a wrapped RV will only increase our popularity as we go from region to state to metropolis to city, to community with our patriotic message.

As the trip progresses, there will be an increasing wave of grassroots support for our mission to create a safety net for US veterans. More jobs will be posted; more US veterans will be helped. The problem of US veteran unemployment, which has plagued our warriors since the Revolutionary War, will finally be solved. – And this program will perpetuate and endure for generations. HirePatriots will become an intrinsic part of the American fabric. It will be a proof a person’s patriotism. It will be a badge of honor for every citizen and business that participates.

The major outcomes of the HirePatriots program and the anticipated benefits for the target population:

The outcome of this travel across our nation for US veterans will improve the quality of life for every American. The HirePatriots program helps every demographic of the USA.

US Veterans: Active duty, Reserves, Guard: Honorable military service will be rewarded with sustainable employment for life, either with Temporary or Full Time jobs.
US Residents and Senior Citizens: Their lives will be improved by meeting and by getting the help from US military trained citizens, at a price they can afford. For many Senior citizens on limited and scarce incomes, this is their only means to get necessary chores accomplished. And everyone who hires US veterans is blessed by the experience. (Read their comments here: http://bit.ly/MEvua4).

US Businesses: The immense popularity of HirePatriots.com greatly reduces the expense for companies to post jobs on the Internet, recruit, and to fill their positions with qualified personnel. Companies that use HirePatriots.com save money. And the government rewards them with significant tax breaks for hiring US veterans.

Local Economies: HirePatriots received the Visionary Award for stimulating the local economy of San Diego County. And the Chamber presented us with their “Extra Mile” award. – By increasing the income of local US veterans, it stimulates local economies. Hence, the HirePatriots program keeps businesses in business, and their employees employed. HirePatriots increases the tax revenue of cities, counties, states and the nation.

US Veteran Families & Children: Nearly all divorces list finances as either the number 1 or 2 reason. The US military normally runs at almost 70 % in divorces. But during war time that number increases to 90%! – Reducing financial stress also reduces broken families.

America: Improving the lives of every US demographic helps improve our entire country. And the HirePatriots program increases patriotism and respect for veterans, at the same time.

How the HirePatriots’ mission is supported by this program. How  our organization’s strengths ensure a positive outcome. Key personnel who will administer the program and their qualifications. HirePatriots.com is the only program of its kind that has ever been offered to US veterans. It was created explicitly to solve US veteran unemployment, once and for all! – We do not just offer a job board, like a thousand others. HirePatriots has created a comprehensive solution that provides numerous saving incentives for businesses to participate. The HirePatriots Solution stimulates our national economy, making the life of every American better.

The HirePatriots’ mission to provide a source of income for every US veteran, every day, will be accomplished through the funding of this effort.

The key personnel that supervise and administer the HirePatriots program are the US veteran Directors of our 501c3 Board, and our founders. These include Warren Schroefel, the number 1 CEO listed on LinkedIn, and a Marine veteran. Tom Rippy served in the USAF, and he is our Treasurer and accountant. He is the proprietor of Lighthouse Tax Services in S. Carolina. Evan Guzman is the V.P. Of Verizon’s veteran hiring program. He has two brothers serving in active combat. And Wil Corey was an Army grunt. He served in the Army Tank Corps. Wil is a Veteran Advocate and humorist. — Our founder, Mark Baird, has worked with US veterans for four decades as a pastor, counselor, and employer.

The motivation of our Board, business members, volunteers and founders is singular. We all work tirelessly towards the achievement of this great goal: Providing an employment safety net for American veterans and their families.

Mark Baird

CEO HirePatriots


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Mark Baird

Hello, I'm Mark Baird and I founded Hire Patriots. My wife and I are 'helpers.' We are concerned about meeting the practical needs of our US veterans and their families. We began a job board for local residents to post chores that they need help with. It has been very successful. Thousands of local US Military and veterans partially or entirely support themselves from our website. We are looking for others near US Military bases who would also like to have a HirePatriots.com website for their location. Find more information about our military programs at PatrioticHearts.org. And please make a contribution of any kind. Thank you.

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