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The Simplicity of Help

Posted by on March 6, 2012 in News

Do you have the passion and desire to help veterans but don’t know how? The simplest of things can make the biggest impact. All you have to do is help spread the word and point vets in the right direction. At HirePatriots we have all the tools to help vets in every aspect from finding work, education and job training, help getting benefits, and help with PTSD. What is staggering is how many men and women slip through the cracks and end up unconnected and stranded after their service. As a vet if you don’t seek out the VA they can’t find you and neither can we.

You can make a huge impact on a veteran’s life by simply directing them to HirePatriots.com and help spread the word about our monthly meetings. We will begin meeting the last Wednesday of every month at New Horizons Orlando, 1221 Lee Road Orlando, Florida 32810. This is a great opportunity for vets, employers, and civilians to get together and talk about the different options out there and ways to get involved. We are here to do the heavy lifting we but need help spreading the word.

~John Eynouf

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