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Tips for a Terrific Marriage

Posted by on May 28, 2012 in Uncategorized


Try a warm kiss or a gentle rub. Stroke their cheek or play
with their feet. It only takes a moment, but the
positive energy can carry you through an entire

When you caress your spouse’s hand, play with
their feet, rub their shoulders, or stroke their
cheek, there’s a moment there (if you do it
RIGHT) when your spouse knows that you are
completely connected with them. Fill your
marriage with a few of those moments each day and
your relationship will begin to change.

Now I don’t want to leave you hanging…wondering
what you’re going to say and how you’re going to
touch.  My challenge to you is to pick 2;
in the next 24 hours do 1 Talk Charge and 1 Touch


1. Express confidence in one of your spouse’s

2. Share dessert with one fork

3. What was “your song” when you were dating?
Call your spouse and sing it to them.

4. Surprise visit your spouse at their office or
home and give them a kiss… and then leave.

5. Play footsie next time you sit together

6. Learn a new joke today and share it with your

7. Ask how your spouse’s day went… and really

8. Kiss your spouse upon waking

9. Kiss your spouse before sleeping

10. Caress your spouse’s hand

11. Touch your spouse’s cheek or hand while

12. Rub shoulders next time you sit next to each

13. Sit on your spouse’s lap or sit them on yours

14. Compliment something your spouse is wearing

15. Call your spouse out of the blue to let them
know you are thinking of them

16. Give your spouse a neck or shoulder massage

17. Share a story from the news or your day that
you thought was interesting

18. What about dancing before dinner? No one’s

19. Tell your spouse that if you had to do it all
over again, you’d choose them

20. Share a problem – thank your spouse for their

21. Play with your spouse’s hair while talking in

22. Fall asleep holding hands

23. Remind your spouse to drive safely next time
they leave the house

24. Call your spouse at work with the latest

25. Have a tickle “fight”

26. Say “I’m sorry” about a mistake you recently

27. Think of 3 ways your spouse has made you a
better person … tell them now

28. Compliment your spouse on your favorite
physical trait

29. Play Twister and let yourself laugh out loud

30. Look at your spouse when they are unaware of
your gaze … share your feelings

31. Share what you most admire about your spouse

32. Have a “remember when?” moment.

33. Thank your spouse for helping you through a
challenging time in your life

34. Find a reason to touch your spouse when you
are in the same room

35. Dig out the wedding album and reminisce

36. Hold hands under the table

37. Brush your mate’s hair out of his/her eyes

38. Straighten his tie, being sure to touch him
with love

39. Button or zip her dress, being sure to touch
her with love

40. Knead the same dough together

41. Kiss in the elevator when no one is looking

42. Express confidence in your spouse’s ability
to overcome a problem

43. Listen to your spouse’s worries – ask how you
can help

44. Make your spouse’s lunch for the day …
deliver it with a kiss

45. Send your spouse a fax with your special
“code words” for I Love You!

46. Turn off your spouse’s alarm clock…wake
them with a massage

47. Kiss the back of your spouse’s neck while
he/she is reading

48. Before parting, tell your spouse you can’t
wait to see him/her again

49. An extra hug for no reason at all never hurt

50. “Spoon” your mate while sleeping

These are written by Mort Fertel, my favorite marriage counselor: http://www.MarriageMax.com/Marriage-Tele-Boot-Camp.asp

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