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Two brothers, same flag

Posted by on September 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

I recieved this email this morning fom a good friend of mine. She is very proud of  her sons. Who culdn’t blame her. We should all be proud of her sons. So if you know Barb please give a pat on the back.
Good morning!

I have a good story to share with you today…;

On Sunday, 9/11, these two photos appeared in our local newspaper of Auburn, Maine. (I was in Phoenix for a conference so unfortunately missed the event).

The first photo is Christina Moreno of Lewiston, Maine, a student in her high school ROTC program. She is folding a flag. The second Photo is Capen Niles Gabri, (my oldest son), receiving the flag on behalf of the Auburn, Maine Fire Department, where he is employed as a full time Firefighter and EMT. This flag was taken down from the Auburn Fire Station several weeks ago, and presented to my youngest son, a Marine. He brought the flag to Afghanistan, raised the colors on behalf of his USMC COMPANY  and then after a few weeks, took down the flag and shipped it back home to Maine. This flag was flown abroad on Afghanistan soil, and at home, by the youngest and oldest of two brothers — one a marine, the other a fireman…. (my sons!). I clearly remember watching the 2001,  9/11 ceremony at Ground Zero with my husband, daughter and the boys, when Capen was then 21 years old, and Joe was 14 years old. We were in our living room and tears were running down all of our cheeks as we silently listened to the names of the fallen as they were read by family members. Who knew, what vocation my sons would choose as a result of that fateful day?

Needless to say… we are VERY proud!


Barb Gabri

Human Resource Director, Maine

PHOTO 1, C. Moreno, ROTC, Lewiston, Maine High School Folds the Flag


PHOTO 2- Capen Niles Gabri, Auburn Maine Fire Department:


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