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US Veteran Hiring Managers Needed for Book

Posted by on September 25, 2012 in News

I am writing a book about how to create a veteran hiring program in a company, from small to giant businesses: How to do this, and why it’s a good idea.
I would like to have the book contain the advice and testimonies of CEOs, VPs, HR, Hiring managers, and recruiters. As well, I would like to provide a personal profile of the men and women who are involved in hiring US veterans.  – I want to hear their opinions, ideas and solutions.

I also will incorporate the value of Cause Marketing with US veteran non-profits, and how to increase recruiting and clients supporting veteran causes. – So I will also need stories about companies that host events, raise awareness about veteran issues, and lend financial support to those programs.

I want this book to reach every demographic. It should be academically valuable for companies needing direction about creating a US veteran hiring program. But it should also tell stories that reach into our hearts and make this book something that everyone will want to read. – It should be inspirational.

This is a book that needs to be written. As always, I will reach for the highest goal: I want this to be a Best Seller. I want it to create media and speaking interviews for its contributors.  I want it to help my contributors in raising their company’s profile, and also their own.

I have been a published writer since 1965. I have written voluminous articles for magazines, newspapers, text books, advertisers and colleagues. I am approached consistently by publishers asking me to write this book.  And a prominent publisher has inspired this request.

I am just asking for a 2500 word chapter, or more.  – I want this book completed before 2013, and published for purchase by mid-2013.  — So if you are interested in contributing, please contact me:

Mark Baird

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