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Veterans await order to attack Tent City!

Posted by on March 13, 2015 in News

The homeless camp called Tent City has been vacated after the city of Gainesville, Florida evicted its occupants. However the residents left a lot behind, including tents, clothes, bottles and miscellaneous trash that make the once beautiful wooded area look like a dump site.

Interestingly, the City asked the property Owner to allow the homeless to stay on the property while a new homeless facility was being developed. The new facility is now populated, Tent City is vacated and who pays is being debated. The City feels the Property Owner should pay for the clean up, the Property Owner feels the City is liable. In any event the clean up is imminent.

Meanwhile Veteran’s advocate Gregory Sledge, Owner of Veterans Moving Help a nationwide moving labor company that hires Veterans recognized the Tent City cleanup as an opportunity to put local Veterans to work. Mr. Sledge contacted the City and the Property Owner. He pleaded his case of awarding the job to the Veterans. He proposed that the Veterans would clean up the area at a lower price than anyone AND do a better job! He promised that his platoon of 20-30 Veterans would systematically root out and obliterate all trash!

“Its a definite win, win situation” He says. ” We put our deserving Veterans to work, they make money and get a huge morale boost from the comradery of working together. Putting 20 to 30 handpicked mission oriented Veterans in the woods guarantees the City a successful result!”

While the City debates, the Veterans await.


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