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Veterans PTSD Diagnosis Downgraded to Personality Disorder: Investigation launched!

Posted by on February 26, 2012 in News

By Richard W. Smith, First Sergeant, U.S. Army Retired

As part of my blog the following information was obtained from the website www.militarycorruption.com     

An investigation has been launched into reversals of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) diagnoses in combat veterans examined at Madigan Army Medical Center, allegedly in order to “save” the government money.

The sprawling facility at Joint Base Lewis-McChord near Tacoma, Wash. is the scene of a probe into whether or not deserving, genuinely-psychologically disabled war vets were denied their rights and deprived of an accurate and fair medical rating.

In answer to the question – has the government ever sought to cut corners to save money spent caring for our nation’s warriors? We can only reply, “Does a bear take a dump in the woods?” Is the Pope Catholic? You bet your life the bean-counters do. And if that is the case up at Madigan, heads should roll.

Col. Dallas Homas has been “administratively removed” by the Army as commander at the large medical center. He had been in charge since March 2011.

It could be he was unaware of the alleged unwritten policy of discounting real PTSD sufferers at Madigan to save money, but we somehow doubt it. He had to know what was going on.

Federal officials, such as Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee, has expressed concern that such miserly tactics have been used.

If the complaints are true, MilitaryCorruption.com considers such behavior despicable, and all those responsible with breaking faith with our deserving warriors should be severely punished.

The Army may be at last getting the message. Fourteen vets, who claim they were denied a PTSD diagnosis or had one reversed, have been granted a re-evaluation at Walter Reed National Medical Center.

Let’s hope they get justice. As for those who tried to cheat them, how about giving the cretins a tour of duty emptying bedpans at Walter Reed? That might teach those guilty, regardless of rank, that you can’t violate veterans’ rights and always get away with it.

The New York Times just published an article regarding PTSD claims. They say the Military is actively changing the diagnosis from PTSD to Personality Disorder. By doing this, they can discharge the service member and do not have to pay medical disability benefits. There have been over 31,000 soldiers discharged under the provisions of Personality Disorder, leaving them to turn to the VA in an attempt to receive benefits or help.

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