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Visit Affinity24 at Camp Pendleton Job Fair Oct 24

Posted by on September 22, 2016 in Jobs For Veterans

Affinity24, the trusted payment processor and partner of PatrioticHearts.org will be participating at the Hire Patriots job fair on Monday, Oct 24 from 10AM to 2PM at Camp Pendleton in the Pacific Views Event Center.

Affinity24 offers a program for Active Duty, Reserve and Honorably Discharged Veterans and their families to start a Payment Processing and Payment Security Agency with us, anywhere in the United States either part-time or full-time. We take you through a training sequence to bring you up to speed on the current issues, leading technology, values and benefits of our solutions, and certify you as an Affinity24 Consultant. The goal of this training is to help you reach your first promotion to Sr. Consultant in the first 30 days working with Affinity24, and teach you how to master the art of being a true Business Consultant so you can maximize the value you can offer to your customers, and set yourself apart from the industry stereotypical merchant services sale person.

The payment processing industry is in the midst of its largest churn cycle in it’s history due to the EMV Directive that was put into effect on Oct 1, 2015. To avoid being liable for credit card fraud that occurs at their business, the merchants need to update their technology, and we offer the best available.

We work with small businesses and nonprofits of all types (brick and mortar, eCommerce, Mobile, etc) on updating their Point of Sale, securing their data, and helping them to avoid the high cost of credit card fraud. The Point of Sale technology we offer is the only technology on the market that was designed from the ground up with all the modern security features built in, and we offer it at a far more attractive price point than the traditional Point of Sale technology.
We also will train you how to consult your customers on the best business management systems and apps to ensure their revenue and their own customers satisfaction and loyalty go’s up and up and up while they partner with you.

If you can’t attend the event, no problem!
We can work with you anywhere in the US.
Email [email protected] or call +1-949-677-9428 for more info.

Stop by and learn about us.
Executive Consultant, Tim Pidcock (US Navy Veteran), and Executive Vice President, Rick Lindsay (US Navy Veteran), would love to learn more about you.


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