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Weird Blog Post About Kindergarten

Posted by on June 5, 2012 in Uncategorized


This may seem a strange blog to post on a veterans website. But in my effort to let more people know about what we do, I post blogs about a variety of topics so that people who might never visit my website do visit. So here ya go…

I believe that my parents convinced my Kindergarten school that I was 5 when I was really just 3.  I did not notice this until was in high school and everyone could drive many months before it was legal for me.

My earliest memories of that time were first nap time: Everyone laying down on plastic mats and going to sleep. Even then, I laid there and thought, “This is weird.” But then I would fall asleep.

I also recall the wooden shoe where I learned to tie my laces. (Did you have one too?) — And I remember thinking that the sandbox looked similar to a boxing ring, just smaller.  So at recess I would challenge all of my male classmates to box. – I was expelled often. But I never understood why.

So I would walk in front of the school when I could not attend and plead with the boys going home to fight with me.  – I did not know that fighting was any different than baseball or others games. So if no one took my challenge, I would punch a boy in the nose. That would always work. They would punch me back. And then the fun began.

On my last day of Kindergarten, I forgot to go. – My mother told me to “go wait in the car.” But our house was surrounded by Orange groves. That morning, Mexican migrant workers were picking the fruit from the million Orange trees spreading for miles around me. . — At about 5 PM I came back home. I had been picking oranges and eating with happy tree pickers from Latin America all day. I climbed ladders and tossed oranges into crates below for many hours. But what I remember most is my first cassidilla. My mouth erupted like fireworks on the 4th of July!

We each have memories entirely unique and different from anyother that has ever lived. We are all entirely a special creation, just like snowflakes. – Praise God!


Mark Baird

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