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Why TV and Videos are Good for Your Health

Posted by on February 12, 2011 in General

Anyone who has gone through emotional or physical pain and trauma will confirm that distracting themselves from it by watching TV or playing and watching videos is a great way to divert them from feeling what hurts. – In fact, the reason for hospitals putting TVs in every room is not because they do not want you to miss your favorite show. It is so you will not press the “Call for a Nurse” button so often.

I have suffered injuries throughout my life that have resulted in my spending many months in a bed. I know how pain can drive you crazy. It is like the Chinese torture of the “steady drip of water to your forehead.” – After a while, death seems “sweet” indeed.

And so, if your spouse, child or loved one is spending a lot of time watching TV or playing videos, perhaps they are avoiding a pain that you do not understand or recognize.

TV and videos are not a cure, and they can become detrimental; however, there are two sides to that coin. There is a definite therapeutic value to TV and videos too. And addiction to these media outlets is far easy to overcome than reliance on pills and drugs.

And so, if you are married to a combat veteran, or if you love a dear one who has engrossed themselves in media aversion, do not assume the worst. Often this is a symptom of pain you are unaware that they are attempting to avoid.

Have concern and compassion for TV and video addicts. Look further.

Mark Baird

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