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Posted by on October 15, 2013 in Jobs For Veterans

Many of us, when we hear the word YAHOO, think of it as a company associated with the internet… this is totally normal and makes sense. However, how about taking this term, converting it to an extremely special way of thinking…

Y – you

A – always

H – have

O – other

O – options

Wow! When we consider the term, YAHOO, this way, hopefully it energizes you into realizing there are so many options available to you in choosing how you do your life.


I point this out because “YAHOO-ing” truly is decision making. Now let’s apply this to two types of personalities; the guy or gal with positive self-esteem who possesses initiative and faces the day ready to attack, succeed, and conquer. We’ll call that individual “sunshine”. The other, obviously the opposite, probably lazy, dependent, a “victim” with all the baggage to prove it. No initiative. This person probably has the mindset of “woe is me”. I need handouts, help, and daily, at best just trying to survive. We’ll call this sad soul, “cloudy”.


Do you realize these two have exactly the same minutes in a day, both need oxygen, money, good health, some luck, and both have “free will” to work their way through the challenges they face each day. Yes, they both persevere and deal with struggles, challenges, and choices of what and how to live life. So, what’s the difference? Attitude!


“Sunshine” looks at the world as opportunity waiting to be seized. “Cloudy” looks at the world as a big, bad, harsh environment ready to, again, beat him/her down. “Sunshine” is up for the challenge, ready to take on anything and everything… doing what it takes to succeed. Blaming no one for the choices that have been made and taken. “Cloudy” looks at the world as another boring, daunting 24 hours of grief and repetitive bout of continual loss. Same stuff, different day.


I think we all know both of these attitudes. We might be like that ourselves or know many “Sunshines” and “Cloudys” as well. The point is this – We have the ability to realize we truly do possess the keys to healthy living by always having other options.


As an example, let’s look at job seeking. The key word here is not job, but seeking – an action verb. “Going after it”. Question, do you want simply a job, and go from one to another to another with no specific career path? Has this job-to-job mentality become a habit, an addictive behavior? Only you know. However, what would be an alternative? How about job seeking inside a career path that leads to climbing the ladder in a profession that holds you interest, is fun, and pays well. So, the question becomes about your attitude. Are you “Sunshine” or “Cloudy”? Do you go about doing “whatever it takes” to get your foot in the door – because your future is at stake? Or do you scrape by, settling for anything, as the weeks turn into months which become years and your “get up and go” got up and went!


Attitude is everything. In fact, someone said “your altitude is reflected by your attitude”. YAHOO (choosing) needs to be identified and known by us all. It creates an environment for us to choose how we live life.


If it’s time for you to break the bondage of mediocrity and begin the journey of excellence and success, you need the companions along the way… a great attitude, and making good decisions. Do this and you’ll change your life.


I’m looking out for you!


Jim Chilton, Your Financial Coach


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