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30% Unemployment for US Veterans: Your advice, please!

Posted by on September 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

My calling in life is to help others, particularly US Military members and Veterans by assisting them with finding employment and supporting their families. I am only one mind and one voice. Please pitch in and add your wisdom and council.

Here is a link to the best advice I have for job seekers right now: http://bit.ly/9FIgss

Please include your comments beneath this particular blog on HirePatriots.com so that the thousands of job seekers who come to our website can read them.

And please encourage those that you respect to add their knowledge too.

Thank you,

Mark Baird

I will post good replies from the social networks below:

* Group: U.S. Veteran
* Subject: New comment (1) on “30% Unemployment for US Veterans: Your advice, please!”

We need a new campaign like the Tea Party… VETs need jobs and in this economy they need 30 points for Civil Service not 10… The sad part is that most vets do not have the civilian hard core skills and coupled with rising H1Bs and Illegals AND civilians standing in line with BS Degrees for 1st Shift at the McDonald’s… Jobs are scarce! VETS need to go civil service and we need to make sure they are hired! We need a Obama bill aimed at VETS allowing civil service to hire them directly!
Posted by Gary James SR

* Group: U.S. Veteran
* Subject: New comment (27) on “30% Unemployment for US Veterans: Your advice, please!”

With regard to the education issue, I seriously recommend that Veterans without the benefit of a formal degree to check out the CLEP program before committing to four years of costly education. You can earn up to two full years of college credit by passing exams in various subjects that are based on your experience and general knowledge of the subject matter. In addition, many colleges and universities will waive certain portions of their core curruiculum for retired veterans. The thing most veterans really need help with is how to package and sell their military experience. Most guys coming out today have extensive computer skills, some foreign language skills and organizational leadership skills that they just don’t know how to present to the HR representative. It is not enough to go into an interview and tell them you are a vet and expect them to know what transferrable job skills you picked up as a veteran. Since careers vary so widely in the military, each one of us came out with different skills, there is no one size fits all description of what it means to be a vet in terms of job skills and people skills. It is up to each individual vet to present himself as the best possible candiate, and if you are not able to do that currently, to work with a career coach who can show you how to do it in fairly short order. Many VA offices have volunteers available to help with basic resume writing and interviewing skills. Take advantage of those resources to present a better picture of why you are the superior candidate for the job. Yes the economy is bad, but quality people are still in demand.
Posted by Robert Stover

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