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KFI 640 AM: Bill Handel &

HirePatriots is an effort to create a nationwide jobs safety net for our US veterans. We provide a 21st Century full time job board for companies that is connected to the social networks and that posts your job on the HirePatriots’ home page too. And we also provide a one-of-a-kind One Day job board because Veterans in the military often do not make enough to pay all of their bills, especially if they get married and have kids. Veterans out of the military often take several years before that can gain sustainable employment. So during their active duty military years and for several years afterwards many need the means to earn extra income. Their spouses often need to take these jobs too. These jobs are posted by residents that need an extra hand with chores and repairs around their homes and yards.

Here is an outstanding audio of KFI 640 AM Los Angeles radio show host Bill Handel telling the HirePatriots story. This is the best explanation of our program ever given. Thank you, Bill!

Bill also wrote an article that can be found here.

The Radio Interview can be listened too below.

An American Crisis: Veterans' Unemployment

Written by Mark Baird on . Posted in Publications

An American Crisis: Veterans' Unemployment 

Stand by Them / How You Can Help / Solutions
BY: Mark Baird

"An American Crisis: Veterans' Unemployment" can be purchased from Amazon or you can go to An American Crisis on Amazon

Veteran Employment experts from a variety of fields and expertise have collaborated to create a comprehensive book for transitioning and job seeking US veterans, as well as employers who want to hire them. But this book has tremendous appeal for everyone, including civilians too. Engrossing true stories of these contributing US veterans about their own military experience and transition are also included. It makes great reading for every American!"An American Crisis: Veterans' Unemployment -- Stand By Them, Solutions, How You Can Help"

Lt. General Donald Jones,  the former Asst. Secretary of Defense for Military Manpower and the creator of the Army's Transition Program (ACAP) includes a great chapter. (Click this to go to his his Texas job board.) Cesar Nader a US Marine Mustang Captain adds a chapter about his new, 21st century transition program for veterans.  Crystal Dyer, a Veteran of the Army's Chaplain Corp includes an outstanding, instructive chapter for businesses seeking to employ US veterans. A Colonel from Kentucky, Josh Galle, who is also a Fortune 500 military recruiter shares his wisdom, as well a gripping account of his former military career. Lt. Colonel John Phillips, a Fortune 50 company Finance Director, shares an original chapter based on his book, Boots to Loafers, Finding Your True North. 

All of our US veteran authors introduce themselves by giving a compelling history of their military experiences. They include Seldon Graham, a WW II veteran; John Eynouf, a former Army Ranger and video gaming entrepreneur who created Ready Up Gaming; A B-52 pilot Vietnam veteran, Doug Beabout, has become a renowned career expert;Ted Daywalt, the President of the VFW's veteran employment initiative; Advice from a 20+ years military wife, Kristina Saul; Financial literacy and wellness education from Jeff Morris, a disabled US Marine and his business partner Gregory A. Spencer of; detailed budget advice is given by Patrick Mellody; and a crucial chapter about the advantages of using veteran benefits for college education is written  by David Renza.

Mona Singleton is a Coast Guard veteran. Here is a link to an interview I recently did with her: Veteran Leaders: An Answer for Business. Carl Vickers tells a riveting story of his military transition journey. He is now the military recruiter for a very veteran friendly staffing company, PeopleScout. And Karin Abarbanel, an accomplished author, adds her chapter about how US veteran women can become successful entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur myself, I particularly enjoyed reading her comprehensive advice. 

Perhaps our most entertaining author is Tony Lavelle. He is a straight shooter that does not couch his beliefs in soft words. He is an extraordinary and full force US veteran. He has authored several unique books about manhood. He has two chapters within our book. He gives unique, simple answers to solving veteran unemployment. You will thoroughly enjoy reading his contributions too. Here is a link to his website: Gallantry Press.

Kevin O'Brien has created many virtual online job fairs for US veterans and tells them the ins and outs of getting the most out of attending such events online or in person. And Adam Edwards a former NFL player offers franchise advice for veterans looking for a turn key opportunity as a business owner. 

Last but not least is our book's publisher, Mel Cohen. His extraordinary efforts, patience and financial commitment are what made this book possible. Thank you, Mel! He has included a great chapter for entrepreneurs. All of the authors that have contributed to this book have been astonished at Mel's commitment to US veterans and his amazing genius that he exhibits in his publishing and marketing talents. (We also want to thank his team: Our proof reader, Lynne Hopwood, and our SEO/ Video expert Jerit Abart, an Emmy award winning artist.)

Our final chapter is written by Tori Baird, my dear wife and constant partner in solving veteran unemployment. She shares several heart warming examples of  US veterans that she has helped that will make you appreciate and love them even more. 

Click this link to get a copy: "An American Crisis: Veterans' Unemployment -- Stand By Them, Solutions, How You Can Help."

Mark Baird

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