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Cause Marketing & Recruiting 4 Businesses

Here is some information about HirePatriots and our recruiting and cause marketing methods. Hello, I am Mark Baird, the founder of Patriotic Hearts, a 501c3 for US veterans and HirePatriots.com, one of the most popular web destinations for job seeking, active and former US military personnel. I am the author of An American Crisis: Veterans Unemployment, […]

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How to Build a Famous Brand

What we need are hundreds of HirePatriots.com chapters all across America. Most businesses do not have an effective community outreach. They focus myopically on manufacturing, distribution and sales. It is difficult for companies to break out of the box and to approach making profits in a new way. I can hear them say to themselves, […]

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Cause Marketing with HirePatriots

HirePatriots.com has created a Cause Marketing strategy that creates synergistic promotional opportunities that increases web visitors, social networking supporters, community volunteers, and frequent media interviews on TV, radio and in the press. Companies across America have joined HirePatriots for two primary reasons: One, like any successful business, they are seeking to increase their customers and […]

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Cause Marketing for US Companies

Here is the entire philosophy of Cause Marketing summed up in a simple sentence: “It is by first giving to others that we receive in return.” Increasing new customers and their loyalty to you is best produced by aligning your company with an established popular cause. Multiple studies have proven that this method of marketing […]

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Helping Your Business & Veterans

You can receive $9500 for hiring a US veteran. And if they are disabled, and in Vocational Rehab, you can have half of their salary re-paid for 3 years. — In addition, you get military trained and disciplined individuals. Their maturity and commitment to excellence is normally far greater than civilian counterparts. And you can […]

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How to truly help our Patriots

Our Wonderful US Vets! Many vets who are transitioning out of the US Military and back into civilian life are not the boys and girls they were before. They are mature men and women. In fact, they have grown far beyond their civilian counterparts who are the same age. I taught High School in America […]

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