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Why I am Angry About US Veterans

I am offended and angry about how our youth who volunteered to stand in harm’s way for us after the 9-11 attack are treated, ignored and forgotten! At this writing, 700,000+ men and women who joined our armed forces after America was attacked on 9/11/01 are looking for employment and not being hired. They left […]

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Our Greatest Generation

I always admired the men and women that served our country in the military. I was also brought up to respect the person and uniform of our heroes that serve protecting our communities. My father served in the Korean War as did my uncles. My brother-in-law and son-in-law served in the Marines. My son is […]

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Wisdom from WW II Infantry Officer

Here is a letter from Seldon Graham, a member of America’s “Greatest Generation,” those US citizens who endured the Great Depression and then World War II. He led a platoon as a Second Lieutenant Infantry Officer. They all had a mortality rate of less than 9 months!– Seldon has written a chapter in my upcoming book: […]

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