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An American Crisis: Veterans’ Unemployment

Stand by Them | How You Can Help | Solutions Mark Baird Whether you are Blue, Red or some other spectrum like me, this book should be read. It shares the American voices and ideas and answers from people in a variety of ethnicities, fields and experiences about one of these foundational pillars of our […]

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Veterans Unemployment Book

My name is Mark Baird. I have been in the Lord’s service for 43 years. In 1971 I became a pastor of at a store front church near a university. I tried to meet all of the many thousands of students, and in that process I met quite a few young Vietnam veterans. They were […]

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Hidden Blessings in Unemployment

By Sean M. Wheeler, LT, USNR-Ret In the dead zone of this stagnant economy, it’s reasonable to say that most everyone is probably tired of the whole thing and with good reason. As August approaches the politicians debate how to address the debt ceiling before the Federal Government runs out of money, America’s unemployment line […]

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