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Are US Veteran Unemployment Stats Erroneous?

The American Legion, the US Chamber of Commerce and Vet Jobs rejoice in letting everyone know that there is not a veteran unemployment problem. To support this claim they always quote the statistics published by the Labor Dept. that are currently at 6.9%. On first look that number sounds excellent. But is it an accurate […]

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Great Book for Veterans & Companies

An American Crisis: Veterans’ Unemployment was written by 25 US veteran employment experts. My wife and I also included our chapters. This book gives all job seeking US veterans definitive advice and direction. It also informs companies about the value of US veterans and how to create a successful veteran hiring program within your company. […]

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Our Attack on Veteran Unemployment

In recognition of this Veterans Day HirePatriots’ Association of Patriotic and Veteran Owned Businesses  commit themselves to these goals: HirePatriots’ multi-pronged attack on Vet unemployment   1) Encourage Community Residents across America  to Employing Active Duty and Transitioned Veterans with local One Day jobs on  HirePatriots’ free job board. 2) Providing Comprehensive Pre-employment Training. (Resume writing, […]

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