4 Insidious Reasons We Cannot Lose Weight

There are insidious secrets to why it seems impossible to lose weight. The reasons why are not because we have no self-control, or even because we do not exercise enough. It really is a conspiracy of Greed and Corruption that has caused an epidemic of Obesity and Diabetes in America for generations. 

Insidious Secret #1: High fructose corn syrup makes us fatter by reducing our bodies ability to burn calories. It impairs brain processes and makes us dumber. It also damages skin cells and gives us unhealthy, wrinkly skin. High fructose corn syrup can be found in many things you might never imagine, like tomato sauce.

America grows a lot of corn! We’ve learned to turn some into Ethanol. But most of our corn is made into corn syrup and put into our food products. You might be surprised to learn that you probably consume more high-fructose corn syrup than you think. The sweetener is used in so many different foods and beverages, particularly in foods that are bad for us, in order to make them taste better. The average American consumes 170 pounds of corn syrup a year! Most of it unknowingly.

Insidious Secret #2: Corn Subsidies. In the last decade our government has paid farmers one thousand billion dollars ($1,000,000,000,000.00) to grow corn. This kind of spending and control over what farmers grow began after the Great Depression as a “Temporary” measure to help farmers get back on their feet. Corn has always been a popular grain. It is easy to grow in abundance; and it stores and transports easily. But it also damages the soil and eventually makes it unable to produce any crops. – However, these government subsidies are not paid to all farmers. Only a special and select 10% of farmers receive these government subsidies. The farmers grow rich and buy up more and more land to grow more and more corn. They make it harder for farmers to grow a variety of grains, vegetables and fruits for us to eat better and live healthier and more enjoyable lives.

Insidious Secret #3: Additives. In addition to corn syrup, food manufacturers now use advanced chemical science to create addictive substances. They put these substances in our food to make it hard to stop eating and to make us want to buy more. For instance, when you open a yellow bag of Lays potato chips, can you just eat one?

Insidious Secret #4: Color Science. It is not just the corn syrup and additive properties in the food, it is also the packaging. Science has discovered that when the colors red and yellow are used together that it stimulates our appetites and makes us hungry. Look at the colors used by all the fast food joints. It is not by chance that red and yellow were the colors chosen for Ronald McDonald!

What to Do: There are several simple steps we can take to really lose weight and feel healthier. Yes, it begins with greatly reducing the 170 pounds of corn sugar we are consuming. Read food ingredients. And check out this great list of yummy common foods found at stores that have no corn syrup: https://celestialhealing.net/foods_with_no_HFCS.htm

Mark Baird

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