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Two Great Business Opportunities for US Veterans

US Military Maintenance & Military Clean are two very successful programs that are getting US veterans into business ownership.

A business for US Military veterans

US Military Maintenance (USMM) is a non-profit program. We provide the necessary equipment, a personalized USMM website, OSHA certifications, training, marketing plan, mentoring, and a dedicated FaceBook page. We also help our owners find accounts, and give them a sales training so that they can do so too. Our USMM owners clean “residential move-in/ move-outs” for realtors and owners; they do after-construction cleaning for contractors; and they clean professional and commercial offices in the evenings.

Most of our owners start while holding down a job, until their business income exceeds their job’s. Some go full time. Most of our owners do very well. We have some that exceed $100K a month, after a couple of years. Our first year goal is for the average owner to make $250K gross. We have 60+ USMM owners in 37 across the US.

All owners must agree to focus on employing as many US veterans as can, and to pay them a livable wage. (There is lots of money to made in this industry, so there is no need to get greedy.) – All we ask to start a USMM business is for owners to reimburse Patriotic Hearts for their expenses in getting them going ($2500), which can be paid in installments as you earn. Patriotic Hearts does not profit monetarily; but, we receive our reward by seeing our USMM owners become successful

We are contacted innumerable times by major companies with offices, facilities, and multi-story buildings across the US. They want our US veterans to get their facilities “Military Inspection Ready.” However, as a non-profit Patriotic Hearts cannot make every USMM owner abide by military standards, procedures and quality control regulations. USMM cannot guarantee a universal quality of service. But as a for-profit franchise, we can.

Once USMM owners have learned the ropes of running their maintenance business, have built a reputation of providing exceeelnt service, and have earned strong financial stability they can choose to take the next step:

A Franchise for US veterans

Military Clean is a for-profit franchise opportunity. It is NOT a program of Patriotic Hearts. — Our most successful USMM owners have formed Military Clean into a franchise model. The reasoning for this is so that Military Clean can acquire national and government contracts to give to Military Clean owners, who will provide military standard and quality service.


Master Franchise Model

Military Clean has two franchise options: Master Franchisor and Franchisee. All franchisees own and manage their Military Clean businesses, but they must institute and maintain our training and standards. This way we can guarantee to keep our accounts Military Clean!

Our Business Model

A “Master Franchisor” owns a territory large enough to develop multiple Military Clean franchises. A Franchisee will be given a designated area that has enough available business accounts to earn in excess of a million dollars a year or more.Master Franchisors are given the national or government contracts in their territory that Military Clean acquires. Master Franchisors are responsible for their franchisees to abide by Military Clean’s standards.

Franchisees own their own Military Clean territory containing a million dollars worth or more in accounts. The will be provided with everything to start a business and hire employees. We provide every resource necessary for your success.

Get It Military Clean!

Our mission is to create hundreds of these Military Clean franchises and to employ thousands of US veterans at very good wages.

If you are interested, give us a call or text us: 760-908-5339.

Mark Baird

Founder of USMM & Military Clean
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