A Book to Make Us Better

Perhaps like you, I have always found meaning and a sense of personal fulfillment by helping others. Living just for myself always feels flat. And so, as I mature and gain more knowledge and means to assist others, I do. Much of what I give is something that I also needed.

I think we have all grown up in very turbulent times since the Industrial Revolution transformed our agrarian society into one where most of us work in offices, instead of in fields. Today we all live in a ‘Computer Age Whirlwind.’ Nothing stays the same. We are assaulted every moment with stimulating news. Our interconnectedness via the internet and the media is afflicting everyone’s life and creating chaos in our culture. — These rapid changes have divided us into dehumanizing categories. The effect this continuous disruption in what were immutable traditional values is having on current generations is obvious. The respect and inherent dignity for others’ lives has diminished greatly. It has affected our morals, and our love and respect for eachother. Violence, addictions, injustice, divorce, and new horrors like mass shootings, are becoming common.

Travel, yoga, mindfulness, and ‘higher power’ programs are everywhere! We are all looking for peace, meaning, and fulfillment. — I have too.

Like so many in this world, I encountered a lot of irrational familial violence in my formative years. Most of my youth at home was terrifying. It is only in looking back over my life now that I can see how it affected my decision making later on. I drank too much. And did a lot of things I am ashamed of now, things that caused irreparable pain to loved ones. Often, I wish I could go back and live my life over.

Fortunately, one can gain wisdom by making enough mistakes in life. I had to add up enough that it took me until my 50’s before I was able to finally able to get control of my behavior and change it for the benefit of myself and others. — For me, it was the regeneration of my faith in the God and in reading the Bible everyday that ‘saved’ me from myself. In the last few years, I have read it completely through many times. And each time I do my life becomes more stable and productive. — As a result, I have published a book based on the Psalms of King David. More Than Conquerors: Living A Believer’s Life.

I am curious. What works for you? How has it improved your life and others’?

Mark Baird


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