Awarded for Helping US Veterans


Patriotic Hearts is a veteran non-profit that has found employment for well over 100,000 US veterans. We also create low cost, simple businesses for veterans, and hold military marriage retreats.

Several hundred Veteran Owned Business, created with the assistance of Patriotic Hearts, are employing many hundreds of other US veterans. Our motivation for doing this is to reduce broken marriages and families, and to prevent veteran suicides. The inability of being able to properly provide for their family is a major cause of both divorce and suicide.

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Patriotic Hearts has received praise and awards from both Republican and Democrat US Presidents and the US Congress, plus many from civic leaders and organizations. You can read comments from those who benefit from our US Veteran employment services: https://hirepatriots.local/news-and-blogs/entry/people-say-hirepatriotsjob-program.

You can help. Please make Patriotic Hearts a veteran charity that you support. Also, you can help by sharing our car donation. It is the primary source of financial support for what we do.

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Thank you for your support!

Mark Baird 
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