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Be the Difference Maker in Your Area

The Greatest Joy is found by Helping Others.

This is how you can be a big difference maker in your community. It is a simple program that will help every resident and business, especially if you live in an area with US military personnel and veterans.

In 2004, this program was launched in San Diego. Since then, it has assisted tens of thousands of residents and thousands of businesses. This unique community program connects people that need help with almost any kind of chore or job with a local active duty US military member or veteran that can do the job. So many have benefitted from this program in San Diego that it received the “Visionary Award” for stimulating the San Diego County economy. And it has resulted in thousands of local military and veterans being hired for “off-duty” and “extra income” jobs. The reviews are fantastic! Click these for: TESTIMONIALS and MEDIA.

  • Do You Want to Bring This program to Your Community?

We are endeavoring to provide this free service to other US communities. All we need in each location is a person, group of people, or a business to help us get it started. We provide the website, all the graphics for posters, fliers, banners, and business cards. We provide the hosting and web maintenance. And we customize each community job board. This is free to the sponsor and to the community.

If you are enthusiastic about helping a lot of US citizens and veterans in your area, we will help you do that at no cost to you. We are Patriotic Hearts, a U.S. charity.  Helping the men and women that are willing to risk their lives in our Armed Forces is an honor. Bringing this simple but very powerful program to your county causes others to recognize you as being an exceptional American citizen. You are assisting not only veterans, but you are also helping every citizen that hires them from your own free job board.  

The immense popularity of this day-by day job board for US military veterans and their spouses opens the door to continuous TV, radio and press coverage. Great human interest stories are created by it every day.  There will be many opportunities to talk about your job board. — Here is what you do to get started:

1. Contact me and let me know that you want a site for your community. You will fill out a basic information sheet so that we can build your website and job board. We present it you for approval and design changes until you are satisfied.

2. Notify your friends, neighbors and associates. Ask them to look around and find some chores and to post them.

3. Now that you have jobs on the site, let the local military and veterans know.  There are a variety of ways to do this quickly. We will show you.

4. Notify all local TV, radio, and press media. Notify your Chamber of Commerce, Mayor, City Council, Supervisors, Congressperson, and Assemblyperson, ask them to put news about this great way to thank our veterans in their newsletters and to help spread the word. Let all the community clubs and organizations know.

I have created the Patriotic Business Plan especially for businesses that sponsor this wonderful job board. It has many fantastic benefits, too many to list. Please text, call or write me,  so I can share more details.  — Mark Baird/ [email protected]/ 760-730-3734

  • Here is the short version of how this program got started:

In 2004, I was living next door to Camp Pendleton Marine Base. One day, a US Marine living in our neighborhood, knocked on my door and asked me if there was any work that I needed done so that he could earn some extra money. He explained that he had just returned from Iraq and discovered that his wife had lost her job and that she and his 3 children had been living with without any utilities. I tried to just give him the money he needed, but he insisted on working and earning it. My wife made a delicious meal for his family and we paid him all he needed after a couple of hours of work. He cleaned our garage, washed our car and fixed my favorite comfortable chair that had broken. He left feeling great and smiling. We were smiling too. But we were also suddenly burdened. What could a retried couple like ourselves do to help other US Marines on base and in our town from dire financial situations like this?

A couple of months later, we launched HireMarines.com. It was a free job board for local residents and businesses to post One Day jobs and hire our local Marines. It took off like a rocket! It became a major news sensation. All the local TV stations, radio stations, and newspapers began interviewing us. Then, the Admiral of the Navy called. He wanted to know if his sailors could use the site too. “Of course!” I replied. “Great!” he answered, “Then could you consider changing the name?” That is how we became HirePatriots.com.  – (However, we have sites especially for the branch of our US military near you: HireMarines, HireNavy, HireArmy, HireAirForce, and HireCoasties.)

  • Some Reasons for “One Day” Jobs

Deployments to the wars we have been fighting, and will continue fighting, changes our warriors. Some of what they did, and saw done, will haunt them the rest of their lives. This creates stress. It often becomes a burden the entire family must carry. Then, when a warrior leaves the military, often there is a drop in income during what is often a long job search. — When additional stresses are placed upon anyone already carrying a heavy load, it can become too much. Consequently, US combat veterans have the highest divorce rate in America. – This should not be! They have sacrificed enough, too much to also lose their loved ones.  –  Just by encouraging citizens to post jobs every month as way to say Thank You, saves marriages and families. It also keeps local military connected to the community. Friendships are formed. And new veteran owned businesses that employ other US veterans are created through this job board. —  (In our area we host a 3 day, all expenses paid military marriage retreats at a 4-Star resort every year. Our local County Supervisors, businesses and churches provide us the money and resources we need to do so.) If you have other ideas to assist veterans with concerts, events, retreats, etc., you will find enthusiastic community support because of their admiration for what you do.  

Please check out HirePatriots.com and our charity PatrioticHearts.org.  If you can assist us in our efforts to spread this across America, please let us know.  We are an all-volunteer organization. Thank you.

Mark Baird (https://www.linkedin.com/in/markbaird/) Please connect with me.

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