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Become a Veteran Business Owner

Posted by on June 25, 2019 in Uncategorized

I am an advocate for veteran business ownership because Business Ownership is Better than Being an Employee. Your lifestyle will greatly improve and that is what many veterans deserve, a life without financial anxiety and time to spend enjoying themselves. Showing them how to do this is my pleasure and my purpose for living.

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Listen to other veterans I’ve helped: https://bit.ly/2Iz4Twf. (This is the Maintenance business we created for US veterans.)

I create successful veteran business owners. Permit me to show you how to change your life, your family’s, and those of other US veterans. Those who follow my directions earn more than a million within two to three years. I have been creating and building veteran owned businesses for decades. I have lots or recommendations and references, as well as recorded team calls. I am the REAL DEAL! My motivation is my life’s calling, I have been assisting US veterans in this manner since the Vietnam War.

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I started my own business when I was 20. I was disabled and had PTSD. Working a 9-5 jobs was just not paying the bills. The stress and the struggle everyday were meaningless, things just kept getting worse. So, I headed out on my own. I needed to make money right away! More than I had ever made before, in my first month. – I did. And I earned 10 times more that year than I had ever before! Enough to get a house a block from the ocean, in the upscale town of Laguna Beach. I promoted my best veteran employees to management positions and had time to surf every day.  

Since then, I have been teaching veterans to do what I did. I put about 20 US veterans into business every year. I provide everything you need to start right away as a professionally trained, certified business owner with all your marketing and web work also included. In your first week I will show you how any good worker, who is motivated, and able to follow directions, will earn $10K+ part time, in their first month. You can talk to veteran owners who I helped make over $400,000 in their first year.

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I am a veteran advocate. I have used every resource I possess to make veterans’ lives better. My only goal is to reduce veteran unemployment and under-employment. In fact, the award winning business plan I have created is based on my owners employing other veterans at good wages and bringing their best into management or mutual ownership. Hundreds of veterans support themselves and their families through these businesses. — Text or call me at 760-847-2561 and let’s create a plan of action for you to start a new and better life!

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Mark Baird https://www.linkedin.com/in/markbaird/

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