Being Rich Without Much Money

I am good at earning money. By God’s grace, I am somewhat gifted in creating start up businesses that succeed. That ability has carried me through my life. But I live very simply. Most people would look and say that I am very poor. I drive a 30-year-old car and live in a tiny apartment with my wife.

At the same time, I run charity I created for US Military, Veterans, and their families, Patriotic Hearts. We provide free job boards for US veterans looking for extra work, or for careers, And because the US Military has astronomical divorce rates, we host 3-day, all expenses paid, US Military Marriage Retreats at 5-star hotels on the beach. And for Veterans entrepreneurs we have created US Military Clean for them to own. We provide their websites, marketing, training, equipment, and certifications. We have these V.O.B.s in 39 states now. We also assist US Veteran writers in getting their stories and books published. And for those suffering from war trauma, we help them by giving them a traumatized horse to heal from trauma at a ranch. It has amazing results! We call this program Horses for Healing Heroes. In addition, I write books for people to understand the value of US Veterans and to honor and to respect them; as well books to assist them in establishing successful, happy lives.


We do not ask for money to do what we do. Our services are free to all US Veterans. And yet we have spent well over a million dollars providing our programs to tens of thousands. – We are capable of accomplishing these things because of our nationwide car donation program. It is patriotic citizens across America that donate unused cars and trucks, and those that encourage their neighbors to do so too, that keeps us going.

Our personal reward is in making the lives of others better and happier. It is greater than any mansion or fancy car could possibly give us.

One Can be Rich without much Money!

“And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul?” — Jesus

Let’s Be Friends! — Mark Baird


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