Best Posting Practices

Here are 4 simple, easy tips to follow for reaching far more prospects more effectively. — Here is how to email effectively for both cold and warm connections.

#1 Make your prospect the Champion. Think of it like going on a date with someone you barely know. If all you talk about is yourself, most ‘dates’ would not want to go with you on another. — The same goes for emailing potential clients. — So make your email about them: their goals, pains, and business.

#2 Get to your point quicklyYour unsolicited email will get a precious few seconds of their glance. Make it worth their time! Tell them who you arewhat you want. And make it clear and simple what you want them to do. Say this in 3 sentences. (This will allow your reader to know all of what you want to say without scrolling.)

#3 Avoid Links! You want your email to be seen in their In Box. If it contains links, it will probably go into their Spam. Once you’ve made contact and received a replay is the time to send any links.

#4 Be Courteous and Appreciative. Never underestimate Gratitude! In a test of 5 million emails, those with a simple “Thank You” in the close, received 20% more responses!

What other good advice do you know? Please comment below!

Mark Baird


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