Denzel Washington’s Faith

Denzel Washington is increasingly outspoken about his faith, telling a journalist last December, “I’m a believer…. I try to make sure I try to put God first in everything.” In making his latest film, he said, “I wanted to please God.”

Just as a child wants to please his parents or a student her teacher, so we should please God every day in every way. One of the simplest ways is by singing to Him, praising His Name, and magnifying His Name with thanksgiving.

That’s never been easier to do. We can listen to Christian music on the radio and find classic hymns on our phones. As we learn the words and sing with sincerity, God is listening. We may not have a voice like an angel, but we have a song the angels long to sing. Whether it’s in the shower or in the car, praise the Name of God with a song.

Tell Him, “How great Thou art!”

(This article is from a David Jeremiah’s Turning Point magazine. It is by Adelle M. Banks, “Denzel Washington: ‘I Wanted to Please God’ in Latest Directing Effort,” Religion News Service, December 21, 2021.)

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