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What It Takes to Be a Successful Entrepreneur

Posted by on August 29, 2017 in Jobs For Veterans

Economist Mark Casson notes: “The successful entrepreneur believes that he is right, while everyone else is wrong; and that the essence of entrepreneurship is being different—being different because one has a different perception of the situation.” In other words, through inner belief in their abilities and passion, what others see as impossible, entrepreneurs see themselves accomplishing.

Frank Knight, the most recognized economist of the twentieth century, believed that in order to unlock profits, one must engage in ‘uncertain activity.’ That is, decisions must be made and actions must be taken not knowing what the expected returns will be. This is, in essence, the function of the entrepreneur: Business building under uncertainty. What distinguishes entrepreneurship is “judgmental decision making under conditions of uncertainty.”

Entrepreneurs produce profit through a committed belief in their own abilities; and, that they can be compensated with considerable rewards for having the willingness to take action, spend resources up front, and put their reputation on the line in the face of uncertainty, where judgment represents their only available guide.

If this is you, US Military Maintenance has created a business for US veterans to own and employ other US veterans. And we have created an investment opportunity for other veterans and civilians to become part owners in these business. – We have tremendous testimonials from current USMM owners that this is an inexpensive, fast track to business ownership and making an income that changes their lives for the better.

*Quotes taken from Non-Profit Quarterly by Frederick O. Andersson (http://bit.ly/2xunovr)

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