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Employers on Campus: For Students and Employers

Posted by on April 4, 2018 in Biz Ops, For Businesses, For Families, for students, General, Interesting, Jobs For Veterans, Uncategorized

Employers on Campus provides student veterans who are job seekers, and military friendly employers, a better way to be introduced and to meet eachother’s needs.  Employers on Campus events are held on college and university campuses. It is an opportunity for veteran students seeking internships, employment, and information about careers they are interested in pursuing.

Employers on Campus is also a business opportunity. These events are far more effective than attending Career Fairs. Employers on Campus events are held on college and university campuses. It is an opportunity for student veterans seeking internships, employment, and information about careers they are interested in pursuing.

Employers on Campus events are usually sponsored by that school’s Student Veterans Association, which receives a portion of the proceeds of our events. And some employers prefer that we hold an event exclusively

Companies are invited to attend our open Employers on Campus events. Each representative of those businesses is invited to speak to all the students attending. — Companies might briefly give an introduction to what their business does, examples of their clientele, a summary of open positions and internships, and perhaps a list of college courses you would like candidates to possess to qualify.

After the introductions, students can visit tables and talk to representatives from each company, perhaps to begin the interview process to become an intern or an employee.

After our event and 10 companies have presented and recruited veterans. We then go into those companies and train their employees and leaders a civilian version of the US Army’s Master Resiliency Course.  And we have former US Army MRT trainers to train you too.  It can become a very profitable full time business.

Here is a simple video that summarizes why that program is good for a company to implement for their staff.

Students and company representatives are introduced to our Soar to Success Training, based on the US Army’s “Master Resiliency Course,” which was adopted by the University of Pennsylvania for their new Graduate program in Positive Psychology. Decades of studies demonstrate that this program builds resilience, well-being, and performance; and equips individuals to bounce back from adversity and to grow and thrive in their professional and personal lives.

A Command Sergeant Major from the US Army, who is a trainer of this program, is working closely with us and developing our program, which we call Soar to Success, for multiple uses. Our Positive Psychology emotional literacy and mind training programcan be modified for various demographics: i.e. students, employers, veterans, athletes, medical professionals, pastors, marriages, etc.

This program has also been created as a business opportunity for US Veterans, and for civilians that want to work with our team. Our plan is to spread this into every demographic and region of our country, and even the world. We have an online, and a personal presentation and format.

We are always open to hearing ideas that can augment and better what we are doing.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining us as a team member, or to receive our training. Call or text 760-908-5339.

Here is another fun video about one of our lessons: Learned Helplessness:

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