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Faith and Mindfulness

Posted by on July 15, 2022 in General

I am not an opponent of anything that makes a person’s life better. I do yoga, meditate, and practice some mindfulness techniques to increase my positivity and productivity. This is all good stuff that most people can benefit from doing. But the exercises and that we do for our minds, and bodies cannot attain to the deep character development that comes by faith.

Faith is the primary means by which the vast majority of all peoples have endured, persevered, and progressed for many millennia. Faith also develops our characters through trials, temptations, and fears. We become stronger as faith develops and takes a secure foothold within our minds and or hearts. And faith has been the primary remedy for pacifying mankind’s stress, anxiety, depression, and emotional pain.

Faith in a “Higher Power” is a recent term, but an effective one in opening-up the concept of relying on God, rather than ourselves to cure our ills and addictions. Many people nowadays shy away from religion. Eastern thought has seeped into our culture and influenced contemporary generations from relying less on traditional religious institutions.

Faith requires trusting another or something more than any empirical evidence or proof. And it requires a dedication to certain principles and precepts to be effective. When one chooses to believe in God, they conceive themselves as having a relationship with a heavenly, divine, and entirely perfect being. Once a person fully commits themselves to obeying and praying to their God, they enter into another realm of perceiving their world and responding to it. Their natural tendencies are replaced with better responses. We gradually become a nicer, more considerate, loving, kind, and possess a peaceful demeanor.

I am one who has put his faith in God. I speak to Him throughout every day. I ask for his assistance in directing me in what I think, say, and do. When tough times come, I keep my head down and continue doing what I believe I am to do, while giving all my worry and anxiety to my God. He carries my burdens so I can have peace. I trust Him to give me what I need, not what I want. He has awakened my conscience so I can no longer do many of the destructive things I once did. And I am not afraid of dying. By faith I possess the certainty of my destination afterwards.

Mark Baird

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