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How to Find a Job after College Graduation

Posted by on January 31, 2018 in for students, General

It is a desire of every graduate to find a job after college graduation. However, it is unfortunate that many of them struggle finding a job. Many of them fall into despair and end up disengaging themselves from society.

With the new technology, finding a job has become easier. One can apply online and be invited for an interview. Here are some of the surest ways one can find a job immediately after college graduation.

Get a Mentor

It is wise to find someone to guide you on how you can secure a job in the market. It is not the best idea to hunt for a job alone. In fact, you might get intimidated and lose hope in the process. In case you are stuck, you might get your relative, professor or a friend as a mentor. So you do not need to hire a mentor. Besides, these people can assist you to develop your interview skills.

Draft a Resume and Cover Letter

Create a resume and cover letter that can secure you a job. It is not all about going to a cyber and downloading other people’s resumes, no. Nothing frustrates one more than having your resume or cover letter dropped in a litter basket. There is a lot that you can do to ensure you create a resume that will earn you your dream job. Therefore, there is every need to ensure that your resume and cover letter have zero mistakes. Prove to the employer that you are capable of handling the job you are seeking.

Be Good at Networking

Unlike in the past, most people use the internet a lot nowadays. Before or after graduating, make sure you engage with friends and other people using online platforms. For instance, you can create a detailed LinkedIn profile that can help sell yourself even before applying for a job. In fact, sometimes employers go online to find people like you, posting their job during the job hiring exercise.

Constantly check for New Job Postings

Everything requires real effort; nothing comes easy. Job seeking too is one of those things that require one to be frequent and extremely patient. It is fortunate that technology has made it possible that one can follow job updates from an employer’s social media pages or official online websites. The perfect time to do this is in the morning before you do anything. Again, it is advisable to apply within 48 hours of posting.

In Conclusion

 A lot is required before a college graduate secures a dream job. Despite the fact that most employers require one to be experienced before offering a job, college graduates can secure their favorite jobs by following simple and common job seeking tips. Getting a mentor, creating a presentable resume or letter, networking, and constantly checking for job postings can land you to your dream job.


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