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Keep Your Job & Start a Business

Posted by on July 12, 2017 in Jobs For Veterans

Follow in the steps of veterans who have made a path for you and be successful.

I have been serving transitioning US Military and Veterans, in many ways since the Vietnam War. Primarily, I help them find good jobs; or, I put them into their own business. I have assisted over 200,000 job seeking veterans, and helped several hundred start businesses.

I began US Military Maintenance initially because I am contacted daily by veterans who need jobs. They are great guys that either need a job, or who have job that does not pay the bills. They need to earn more. Or maybe they have had a hard time fitting back in to the Civilian world. Or perhaps they have PTS. Or they are fine, but they cannot find their place in the world after the military. Lots of reasons.

USMM was an answer I began giving them. “Why don’t you do what I did: Start a Maintenance business. I will show you how.” It has been tremendously successful! New owners are making $10 K in their first month. One USMM owner is making over $100 K a month! Better yet, they are hiring other US veterans and paying them well.

Most of our US Military Maintenance owners, when they start, have a full-time job. I did too. I was a full-time teacher and coach.. But I was not earning enough for my family to live the lifestyle I desired for them, so I started a night-time commercial maintenance business.  I cleaned 14 offices a night: banks, realtor offices and doctors’ offices. They each took between 20 -30 minutes a night (5 nights a week) I would leave home at 8 PM after having dinner with my wife and kids and putting the kids to bed. I would work until about 1 AM. Wake at 7 AM and fix breakfast for everyone. That was in the 70’s. I made $85K in my first year; whereas, I was making  just $21K as a public school teacher.

I actually built-up this business several times. I wanted to go to college. I wanted to coach my kids sports teams. I wanted to take my family surfing and camping. Owning this business allowed me to replace my job, and gave me the freedom to achieve my dreams. In a few years I was able to sell my business, and have the time and finances to helping veterans start this business.

My first USMM owner had a corner office in Manhattan as the President of a worldwide Staffing company. He had been a Gunny in the Marines, served several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He quit his job and moved back to his hometown. That was almost 3 years ago. — He now employs 40+ veterans. And grosses more in a month than he made in a year.

My next USMM owner lived in a forest, 20 miles from the nearest town, which only had 8,000 people. All he could find were part-time jobs. They did not pay enough to take care of his big family. He was worried. — He gave me a call and started his business. Within a few months, he was able to go full-time into this business. He makes enough now to spend much of his time fishing and camping.. And he employs more than a dozen veterans.

I knew that I was on to something. Since then two dozen more veterans have started their own US Military Maintenance businesses. They are doing fantastically.

I know this: US Military Maintenance has worked so many times for so many veterans that I am confident that anyone with a passion to own a business and to employ other US veterans at good wages, can be successful at this business. Yes, it takes courage. It takes persistence. It takes being a person that can project confidence, responsibility, and professionalism. It takes someone who is a hard worker. It takes someone willing to go the extra mile. And it takes someone who is a team player, and who can enrich our entire group of owners with their own particular genius, talents, experience and education.

If that is you, I hope you give us a serious look.

Text me your email and I will send you more info, or give me a call, or email me.

Mark Baird / [email protected]/  760-730-3734


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