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For Lovers of Reading and Writing

Posted by on July 22, 2022 in General

I have been an avid reader since my earliest youth. And I have endeavored at improving my wring ability for decades. And so, it is not surprising that after securing financial stability for myself and my family, I began teaching in private and public schools. Teaching youngsters about great authors and their books, and helping them to find meaning and to mature while doing so, gave tremendous purpose to my life.

In 2007 when Web 2.O became available, and the social networks exploded, an entire world of possibilities opened for writers, teachers, and creatives of all sorts to publish their works for free and attain worldwide notability.

I had tried to get published by a major publishing house before then. But not having an agent put me in the 1 to 60,000 category of probability of me being discovered. However, because I jumped on getting posts and videos out when Web 2.O exploded, I was quickly able to develop many thousands of followers. So, when I published my next book, An American Crisis: US Veterans Unemployment, because of my internet popularity publishers contacted me wanting to publish it.

Then, when Amazon created its KDP publishing program, I have been able to self publish and control my profit margin and do everything a publisher can do, without the cost. And with my large social following selling books is also easy to do. Plus, KDP has many great ways of promoting, marketing, and distributing my books. I now assist others in getting published. I also write autobiographies as a ghost writer and then publish them under that person’s name.

In the last 20-years the world has opened-up for authors and readers everywhere!

P.S. Here is a link to my most recent book: The Breeze of Romance.

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