For US Military Veterans No Longer with Us

Memorial Day

Every American has grown up during a time when our country was at war somewhere in this world. We are the world’s stalwart defender of freedom and Democratic ideals. Young men and women from every generation since the Spanish American War (1898) have served and fought and died defending our country and other countries from totalitarian, fascists dictators.

Kids from my generation had parents who fought in World War 2 and the Korean War. Our grandparents fought in World War 1. And my generation fought in Vietnam. Since, we have sent our youth to Granada, Panama, Persia (Gulf War), Bosnia Herzegovina, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Kenya, Libya, Uganda, Syria, and Yemen. (And various secret operation areas that are never publicized.) – We have lost American lives in all these conflicts, interventions, and wars.  – Those who died in these wars are who we are honoring this weekend.

But with those who are our honored dead, we must also remember and pray for those loved ones they left behind: children (orphans), spouses (widows), parents, brothers and sisters, friends, … These are the ones who feel those deaths everyday. They bear a tremendous burden of loss and sorrow. – On this day of remembering our heroic fallen, please lift up their families too. Their sorrow never ceases. Have compassion for these fellow Americans who have given the ultimate sacrifice!

Mark Baird

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