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Acquiring free media attention on TV, radio, and in the Press can be very easy to accomplish. I am a very small enterprise, but I have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in free local and national publicity. All I have to do is to tell a media outlet what I do, and they interview me.  

I have appeared on every major News outlet multiple times: ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, and many more. — Your business can become somewhat famous by receiving free publicity regularly too. It begins with sponsoring a popular charitable cause.

Here is how I do it, and how you can too.

It is fun, helpful, and you provide it exclusively for everyone in your locale. — It is a simple way for local businesses and residents to show their gratitude for their community’s US Military, Veterans, and their families. – It is free job posting board where everyone can hire off-duty military and veterans to help with temporary work around their home, yard, or business.

These ‘day-by-day’ jobs allow veterans and their spouses to earn extra money to make ends meet every month. It takes away a lot of financial worry. And it creates a much closer bond between the civilian and veteran communities.

The job board is It has received medals from US Presidents, and commendations from the US Congress, chambers, politicians, and cities. It has helped many thousands across America and more everyday. PEOPLE Magazine featured HirePatriots in their “America’s Heroes Among Us” edition. (It is the premier program of the 501c3, Patriotic Hearts.)

How Does This Help Your Business?

When you choose to be the exclusive sponsor of HirePatriots in your region of the U.S., we build you a customized job board for your area. Every resident, business, and military veteran will go to that page to post and to find jobs. – It will receive and increase in visitors as the word spreads.

People will go to your local HirePatriots job board: Example: They will click Post A Job. Then they will register, using their name, phone, and address. (This info is not public, but for your reference, if needed. And it builds a great contact list to keep visitors informed with updates etc.)

They then describe the job, say how much they will pay, leave their phone number, and post for free.

HirePatriots’ Off-Duty Day Jobs

A local US Military Veteran or spouse will reply. You talk with them and decide if they are the right fit for you and the job. Then give them your address. – When the work is done, pay them directly.

This job board’s popularity will explode! You will receive notes of gratitude from civilians, veterans, and businesses. (Read some on the national site.)

The media will probably reach out to you first because of your job board’s popularity. But if you reach out to them, they will gladly put you on to tell everyone about it. – It is free community service you are providing that helps people, especially US Veterans! – Bring a veteran and a resident or businessowner on who has hired them on the interview too. Their testimonies are enthusiastic and heart-felt! – You will be asked back many times so their viewers can hear more of these feel good stories. The thing to remember is that every 24 hours News outlets run out of news. – This media exposure will result in constant invitations to speak at businesses, clubs, events, chambers and associations about too.

Be the ‘Most Liked‘ business in your region. Get a HirePatriots job board. We host and maintain it at no cost.

To make sure that you launch successfully, we have created a host of graphics, banners, posts, articles, and videos to spread the word on all the social networks. – And we will Personally mentor you each step of your way.

Be the Business that Helps the Most in your Community!

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