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Why do US Veterans have such a high divorce rate; and how do Military Marriage Retreats help?

US veterans have a higher divorce rate than the general population. — And if they have been deployed to an active combat zone, it is reported to go as high as a 90% from Private to Sergeant. — Military divorces are caused by a number of reasons, including:

  • Deployment: Deployment is a major stressor on marriages. Veterans who have been deployed may experience changes in their personality and relationships, and they may have difficulty adjusting to civilian life after their return.
  • Military culture: Military culture can be demanding and isolating, and it can be difficult for spouses to understand and support their partners.
  • Financial problems: Military families often face financial challenges, which can add stress to marriages.
  • Mental health: Veterans are more likely to experience mental health problems, such as PTSD and depression, which can increase the risk of divorce.Patriotic Hearts’ Military Marriage Retreats help veterans and their spouses to:
  • Improve communication: Military marriage retreats can teach couples how to communicate more effectively with each other.
  • Resolve conflict: Military marriage retreats can help couples to learn how to resolve conflict in a healthy way.
  • Build intimacy: Military marriage retreats can help couples to build intimacy and reconnect with each other.
  • Learn coping skills: Military marriage retreats can teach couples coping skills to help them deal with the challenges of military life.
  • Get support from other couples: Military marriage retreats can provide couples with the opportunity to connect with other couples who are facing similar challenges.

Here are some specific examples of how military marriage retreats can help:

  • A couple who is struggling to communicate with each other can learn how to listen to each other more actively and to express their needs and feelings in a clear and concise way.
  • A couple who is struggling to resolve conflict can learn how to identify the root of their conflict and to develop healthy conflict resolution skills.
  • A couple who is struggling to build intimacy can learn how to spend more quality time together and to reconnect on an emotional level.
  • A couple who is struggling to cope with the challenges of military life can learn how to manage stress, build resilience, and support each other.
  • A couple who is feeling isolated can connect with other couples who are facing similar challenges and build a supportive community.

Overall, Patriotic Hearts’ Military Marriage Retreats are a valuable resource for US Veterans and their spouses. They can help couples to improve their communication, resolve conflict, build intimacy, learn coping skills, and get support from other couples.

Patriotic Hearts is seeking to raise $15K to host a free, 3-day, Military Marriage Retreat in February. It will be held at a beautiful boutique hotel, the Marine Inn Suites, in the harbor across from Camp Pendleton Marine Base in Oceanside, CA. – If you or your business can become a sponsor for $500 or more, we will proudly broadcast your assistance to the many thousands who are connected to us on the Internet and give you a Patriotic Hearts trophy for doing so. (Please go to and show your support for those who have endured so much on our behalf.)

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